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Re: HELP! Can Anyone Identify these Creatures for Me?
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: HELP! Can Anyone Identify these Creatures for Me?

I have had the exact same problem (in the UK). It drove me to the brink of insanity , but I believe I have developed an approach that works . I would estimate that I am now 75 - 80 % clear . The following is based on my own experience. I am not a clinician . I am fortunate enough to work in and have a pseudo scientific mind .

What are they ?

Over the months , I have had many theories. None can ever conclusively hold water because as is famous, general medicine is in criminal denial and most people who go to seek help are rewarded with a mental illness diagnosis. Thus here are my main theories with some anecdotal backing:

1. The white strings are a mutated worms that have originated from your body . They were originally nested , but now scattered. Consider whether you did anything that would kill off worms around the same time. In my case, I took a course of Huma worm . As Huma worm go to work, these bastards made themselves known. My house, clothes, and two high performance cars were infested . Alternatively, you may have been infested to such an extend that they just came crawling outside the body.

2. These are candida fungal hairs. The reasons they make themselves known now is the same as above.

3. These are on you and your atmosphere due to domestic or farm yard animal . I have noticed some inter play between this and a stray cat I was looking after . In any case, I got rid of the cat and now I do not interact with any animal until I am 100% clear. You will either infest that animal or be re infested yourself.

4. These are worms originating from elsewhere in you environment, your garden for example.


You are also suffering from the invisible mite syndrome. I believe where these bastards are, there are mites. They are one in the same . You may also exhibit signs of PATM (people are allergic to me ) - watch out for people itching and scratching in your presence - This is not due to some smell. It is these bastards looking for another victim . At one stage, I recall I literally made a space the size of an air craft hangar break out in coughs.

Getting rid of the bastards

I likely need to clean this up. But this has taken it all out of me and I want to contribute:

I found that there is no single protocol. Do not look for another person or guru to cure you. Instead, regard yourself as a health scholar with one single subject, you !

So let me get quick and dirty with the details :

Sulphur, Sulphur, Sulphur! Buy pure, yellow, garden grade sulphur. You can mix this with any cream or grease. Rub it all over your body. Use a sulphur based soap . Wash twice a day; do not wash to the extend it is debilitating your life. You get rid of these with a methodical approach.

Consider continuing a parasite cleanse of choice. Stop eating all , I mean ALL carbs. The problem is YOU. Something on you feeds them. Dramatic reduction when they have no Sugar sauce. You need to clean out from inside out . Ditch all non natural soaps. The toxins are a food sauce to them.

Consider buying a infrared sauna. This will accelerate the elimination .

This was my bogey man area. It was devastating to put back on clothes I knew were still infested. At one stage, I ended up wearing a bin bag. I went through every chemical imaginable. Don't waste time baking clothes for 13 hours. It will not work:

Throw away as much old clothes as possible, be ruthless. Some items are too infested to be viable to save - these are the items re-ingesting your environment. I had to throw away mementos I was keeping from my deceased mum.

Wash clothes with borax. This will not be enough, but the next stage is key. Add a table spoon full of Yellow Sulphur to a dryer cycle. The clothes that come out will be 96% clear. There are some stubborn materials - usually cheap clothes - go figure uh ? Yes your clothes will have a smell of sulphur, but only if someone is pressed right up against you will they smell it .


This is a key battle. You need to win the air . This is war. Buy a respirator from a hardware store. Take table spoons of yellow sulphur and heat in a frying pan until it ignites . Burn in all living areas. Be extra careful as burning sulphur is brutal on the lungs, the elderly and infirm may pass out. So basically fumigate your whole house with sulphur as many times as possible.

Buy an Ozone generator . Rotate the 03 generator in all rooms. This will kill any hidden mould and get to work on the now weakened worms. Observe safety instructions that come with the 03 generator.

Air out all rooms generously .

Reduce air humidity to as low as you can. Buy a dehumidifier if you have to.


On wooden furniture, polish with extra virgin cocoanut oil. This is actually better than purpose made polish and seems to have a dramatic effect on the bastards. They don't want to be anywhere near cocoa nut oil. The scent of in in your general atmosphere will weaken them greatly.

You can spread sulphur on other furniture to vacuum later. This works great, but I am exited about the next method:

Spray everything . I mean everywhere with deep heat, or similar muscular ointment . They hate this stuff and cannot become immune to it .It will also kill eggs. This can be used on your day clothes as you notice random re-infestations and they leave quickly . You and your home will smell like my grandmother, but as soon as you see the difference, you wont care. In any case, the O3 - Ozone generator will kill all smells.

I have a very expensive sofa made of cloth material. I had no intention of throwing it out . I had already lost too much . Sulphur and deep heat saved it . Spray on carpets too. You will notice instant black specs appear . I think they turn black when they lose energy (death).


You need a Rambo attitude. Don't give up. You will read many stories of failure . Don't tolerate "you will have to manage and live with them ..." speak - we are at the top of the food tree for a reason. These are tough, cunning bastards. But humans are more cunning and can be bigger bastards. I would recommend you obtain a fighting budget if a few thousand $ by any means possible. Ruthlessness is the key . There can be no sacred cows or you will need to learn to live with them. Do not tolerate a single member of the house who does not do exactly as you do. Personally, I would pack my bags where that was the case. Do not mix washing .
As they lose energy, they will cease to become so ghost like and you will easily spot them - they become very slow . Don't waste too much time on the who or the what they are . Just get to work .

You will have several periods of re infestations because of school boy errors, for example getting too confident with an item of clothing too infested to clean. But you will also learn how to solve an re-infestation in hours, then minutes, then seconds. Just now I saw whole nest hiding in a bandana I was using as an accessory - this infested my car. A healthy dose of deep heat spray has solved it . Good luck.

Products you need in the kitchen cupboard:

Colloidal Silver
Diatmoceous Earth
Wheat Grass
MSM tablets
Body Builder strength vitamins
Sulfa8 afro hair conditioner
African 'black' Soap
Neem and sulphur Soap
Virgin Cocaonut Oil


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