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Huh? I don't lend my zapper out, except to friends...
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Published: 5 years ago
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Huh? I don't lend my zapper out, except to friends...

Gee---since I don't share mine with anybody generally, nobody probably knows? I use the SCADA RSG-4 myself. It's always worked fine for me. :)

And well, since I'm guessing you're again trying to convince everyone he and I are the same person (really?), what I've actually figured out is parazapper's units are actually a multi-frequency rife machine, not really a zapper ala Dr. Clark. He mentioned she really didn't approve of his zapper and that's probably why. His, with it's multi-frequencies is definitely better than a straight one frequency Rife machine, but the Clark zapper does it's job with the battery wave, not frequencies.

Since Dr. Clark notes the average sick person has around 525 or so pathogens, each with it's own distinct frequency, even with the multiple frequency and all the resonant frequencies, how many could parazapper's really cover?? So use a Clark style zapper to kill everything at once, or one that maybe kills 200 of the 525? I'd hope it hits the right frequencies for the main problems but I have no idea.

The Clark zapper, while not as deep reaching, I'm sure (but if the parasite's frequency isn't used, deep reach won't help) is quite effective at killing everything outside the deep bowls (hence her protocol needed the herbs which only do digestive tract).

I can only speak for me and the friends who used the Clark style zapper, but all successful got rid of various ailments, which if the parasites are present, they couldn't have done. So, both they and I are convinced.

And since we are all human with the same basic biologicalset up, I'm pretty sure what worked for us is going to be the common human experience. Read Dr. Clark's book 'Cure for All Diseases' (free download here) and learn how to do it all properly. Her son invented the zapper--she knows how to use it right, unlike many of the whiners here who didn't read her book used then of course used it incorrectly and surprise, surprise, it didn't rid them of their parasites. You also need to followup killing the infections the parasites released into your body as they died though. She felt the zapper could do that, but I wanted faster, so I used herbs. Here is what I used successfully:


And since most 'regular' posters are pretty much pharmaceutical cartel disinformation agents/sales reps, I'm sure they are not supportive of zappers period. Cuts into the cartel's profit margin when folks get well and won't buy all the fiddle fuss crap they're selling---er--I mean so helpfully offering as 'advice' here.

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