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Re: Washing laundry and parasite or bacterial spores?
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Washing laundry and parasite or bacterial spores?

I make laundry soap all the time and completely forgot I can do this and mix everything I need together to make it easier on me. Right now I am measuring everything separate, must be the exhaustion and fog people talk about. I love the ingredients you have put together. I do not have a lot of peppermint but I did pick up a 16oz bottle of eucalyptus and I know they/insects and this stuff does not like the menthol at all. Determines if it smells good though. If I could get my hands on some pine oil now that would be amazing since I have read that pine tar, coal tar works also. But, I just used a 5% coal tar shampoo last night and you are right the hair parties are no fun. I use a nit comb until it is clear. The first few times I did this the relief after the first night was wonderful. Then doing some hair paste and wrapping it with plastic wrap over night made all the movement stop, but it did not take long *4hours* before there was movement again. That can be so discouraging in the beginning, knowing they were in the pores and it didn't seem to matter. One night I added a small amount of permethrin in the herb paste and wrapped it and it was wonderful for 3 hours. Each time I tried something new it got better each time with the occasional set backs. Then I started to make note on the calendar the days and activity. It seemed to me, that after a good treatment of poison that I would have one full day of itch and bite free time, then that evening it would start over.
The not knowing what I had contracted made it the most difficult because it behaved like a parasite, then turned into a worm and then it seemed like a Trojan horse theory that has my head spinning.
It wasn't until I started to focus on one parasite and focused on its death, that I could see a separation from the fruitfly/Biting Midge I had brought home at the same time from the discount store that was a vampire and opportunist adding to the confusion. Talk about strange that it is a blood seeking creature on top of the parasite that dug under the skin. Now the Biting Midge struggle lasted weeks because each time it went into a larvae stage of metamorphosis it cocooned itself in this thread substance that made it safe from poison. It wasn't until I stopped using oils that I used to protect myself from the insect that burrowed under the skin that the larvae and pupa started to dry out because they need moisture. Both parasites range .1mm up to 2.2mm, thinking they are the same thing has been the confusing part. Doctor's don't even want to think about the microscopic pictures or even answer my questions on IS THIS POSSIBLE questions. Research research research to find out that weird situations are not so weird. With enough Doctors telling you it is red blood cells and no worms can't live on the skin remarks, no wonder there are not many surviving stories of such happening. Both parasites dug and buried their larvae/embryo's under the skin and both feed on human blood sharing bacteria and worms.
So, I am not one to say my way is the best way because I have had to use different methods that cross covered this total invasion into my husband and my life.
All because my husband had a broken back and leg and was in the hospital for 12 days and another two weeks in the Nursing home before they would let us go home. Talk about paying to be treated this way. Kept at the mercy of them releasing us. If we had state aide they would have kicked us out on our heads but because we had good insurance it was ludicrous and felt like we were being kept for ransom. They literally would ignore me when I would ask to speak to them about release, four days later *I guess the insurance max for such an injury* that they actually stop running from me and tell me they are sending us to a Nursing home of their choice, no asking but telling us. I then got aggressive and said I wanted to go to a five star near my home. I guess from her response that I must have been digging into someones wallet. I am completely over the insanity of how the medical field deals with those who happen to get sick or injured. This behavior should scare anyone and put a light on how broken the system is. I have read others stories that are so similar that it is not just our story, it is a mass cover up or plain broken system that has led to my own story of self medication and treatment from something they caused. Doctors do not even want to label anything because they work for the same hospital. Insanity.
Here we are trying to figure out what works best with the focus to be healthy again and be cleaned of a parasite with limited support and learning on the fly. Being lucky enough to find suggestions and insights that may bring a little comfort to our lives. All the while praying for it to be over with and back to normal again.

And, I love that you are exercising and it makes you feel better. Right now, for the past month my stomach has been cramping so badly and I have been coughing up worms and larvae starting three weeks ago. The whole thought is disgusting. I am just starting to feel better even with the skin biting since the parasite removal two and a half weeks ago. Starting the Rx's on Saturday did not feel like it made a difference, but today even though there is movement, hardly any biting under the skin, like twice. My head is clearer that it has been in weeks. So, I am on the up swing and actually smiled this evening. I have not smiled in weeks. So I am glad anytime to hear people are doing better and how it is making them better.

I infected my house dog and she has been outside now for four weeks, no showers, no combings, nothing. She was the last one to show signs of the parasites which is sad and I am waiting for her second treatment of Fipronil just so I don't have to give her anything else and/or be recontaminated by her.

Believe me when I say I am so over this situation. Thanks for the lint trap suggestion. I had been looking at that with dread since the lint is airborne the moment I take it out.

I think I will try it with a vacuum cleaner to keep that to a minimum or spray it first with poison then vacuum after it dries. That is a better idea. Thanks. and the 1275 McCullah has better reviews than the 1375 McCullah Steamer ?sp. anyhow all the reviews say you will need to buy extra heads to steam with because they melt after one use and they said the steam was around 212 degrees. I would be interested in knowing if it was hotter and if the parts lasted longer than one use because the price is amazing compared to the refurbish price of the Dupray.

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