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Huge Collembola Discovery.
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Published: 5 years ago

Huge Collembola Discovery.

I don't even know where to start. I have posted here before. This following, outweighs all other posts. I wanted to be able to come here and and give the usual huge list of drugs, herbs and protocols that have not worked for me. But such is the irreducible complexity of things. I will need to do just the thing; briefly.

Through part accident, desperation, and determination, I believe I may have the basis for a short term cure for collembolla. I am not a doctor. Just a man about 4 weeks away from losing everything due to this condition.

At University, I have been taught to dispense with the important information before making the user read a huge text,so here goes: Invisible mites / Morgellons / birds nest mites are all a subset of the same thing and I have seen proof on my own body. They key to curing it in each person is thus:

Strings /Fibres

your body is wrapped in an invisible film . The white strings and fibres are a by product or the actual material of that film. I would guess that the film is some sort of fungus, but somewhat weapoised, even if by a natural animal. Collembolla filies and larva are either reliant or live within that invisible film.


I found a huge external nest in my living room. It was hidden in plain sight. In it were 4 huge translucent work looking things - maybe some sort of cocoon and a huge amount of specks, strings and balls. Most importantly, actual live spring tails, all in one place. There were nested in simple soft wood media unit. I went at it with huge amounts of bleach , apple cider and other stuff and suddenly noticed as I was scrubbing away. They form an almost impossible to see film on the wood. Under the film are thousands of baby collembolla. I made the immediate decision to throw out the unit instead of trying to save it .


To be honest. I think the original vector was our cat . There is a confluence of where the nest was and where the cat liked to hide. There are other reasons I think this, but wont go into it for reasons of brevity.

The Purge

Upon my realisation of this invisible film on the wood. It dawned on me that it must also be on my body . Let me state for the safety of others - the following is not a full protocol and I have no sores or visible skin issues:

I waxed off every hair from my chest,with the actual intent of taking off at least two layersof skin, but avoiding any breakage. There were also several sights on my body I know are not... mine through instinct so I waxed there too. As I waxed and pulled. Waxed and pulled I saw tiny insects on the wake, along with the white fibres. Just like on the wood.

I donít imagine I waxed off every last film before the following happened. There was a sudden eruption of Specs, actual adult insects, larvae from my skin - all it needed was a gentle massage with any oil and it streamed out for -- probably 5 hours . There was a sudden purge of sand type larvae, followed by fluff balls then insects, then and specs , then seeds. I might have fainted was I not so determined to get these things out. It was endless. The pores of my skin were filthy with them. It is unebelievable that for 6 months I have given up Sugar and carbs , spent thousands and there were still sustained happily somewhere.

They came out for long enough for me to perform an impromptu experiment with almost everything reccomended. I ate, rubbed and swallowed to see if it sped up the purge or slowed it. This is so complicated and I am tired and still purging as I type and cannot stand to watch it any more so I may split this into several volumes..bear with me ...

So . As I purged. I saw a worm type thing swimming away under the surface of the skin. By instinct, I open the oven where I knew there was left over chicken fat. I held the worm in place and smeared it with chicken fat , where it appeared to melt in place. Meanwhile the purge eruption continued. I live in a large, three storey house. There is purge gunk on every single floor.


During the purge. My home , with the windows closed, my home was surrounded by those fluff balls everyone calls pollen or cotton tree . These things are alive . They followed me to any floor I was on, seemed desperate to come in. They followed me when I later went to the store to eat.

To get this result,I applied some techniques prior to waxing my body . I will write these down after some sleep. I am not sure if one single thing would have done it; I need some help in research . Message me anyone who can help.

Funny thing is. If I would have died . The doctors will make up something to put on my death certificate. If I would have took my own life, they would find my herbs and say I was a crazy OCD any way .

There is something other worldly to all this. I have seen stuff that is hard to believe humans have missed in 3000 years of observing nature. Any way I will sleep. I really feel so alone right now. I cannot tell a single person. The last time I went to the hospital, doctor wanted to rat me out to the the psychiatrist had have me committed there after. I am close to beating this. If I could stay awake for 48 hours I would have massaged every single last one out of me ..


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