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Re: can anybody help me?
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: can anybody help me?

Fluke infection is a bother. It can generate enzymes that prevent treatment of the other worms.

There are currently 2 formulas we are using.
Document 255 formula (complicated hyper infection emergency) and a alternative knock down the fluke.

They are both the same basic formula, but in leau of taking PZQ every day, once a week doses are used to Pulse knock down flukes so that roundworm meds work more effectively.

One day a week one takes 25mg/kg/Day - 100mg/kg/Day of PZQ along with 25,000 to 50,000 units of D3. A Albendazole it taken with each of four equally divided (1/2) teaspoon doses, to get the total dose to 25mg/kg/Day (for 113kgs calculation). Do not forget natural calciums and fats like butter every day.

During the week, strategies can be used to knock down other parasites.

Once stability is reached, the flukes can be attacked using document R255.

There is a Zinc Sulfate dosing in R255 that works on virgin infections, where heavy chest nesting is occurring. Many explosions and mop up of toxins and daily IVM dosing is required to wipe out the babies.

After the majority of the L4 explosions, Zinc sulfate must be stopped, it feeds Ascaris Enzymes. Copper must be taken with Zinc at 30:1 to 100:1 (like 6 mg of copper to balance 600mg of Zinc, or 12mg of copper to balance 1200mg of zinc. Keep Zinc dosing under 30 days, ramp slow, and supplement algae and a spectrum of supplements, A, D, E, B, etc.

Piperazine (citrate and natural) slow the movement dramatically. The daily doses of ALB wears down the worms, We all now use low dose daily 200mg or 400mg to wear down the population of nematodes. High doses do not work. Albendazole only takes out one Larval stage of several, so a broader based natural or pharma approach is required.

The base of any strategy should be a naturals foundation like Naturals Nematodea Formula Rev.6

Naturals Nematodea Formula: Rev.6

The common aspects of nematodes have natural choke points that can be exploited to put an infection into remission. After the hyper infections have been dealt with, the Natural(s) Nemotodea Formula 6 can be used to provide infection relief before mop-up or other activities. Comments to this formula are very favorable, reguardless of the nematode.

Keep pH at 6.5

Liver should be clean, flushed, Malic and Magnesium balanced. Choline should be ample.

SIBO and SIYO should be dealt with.

Lyme and related flagallate infections require additional support.

Formula 6
4 nPPZ 650 Capsules (natural Piperazine - Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa Extract) drink a glass of distilled water.

9PM or an hour before bedtime
2 MSM 1000
2 Selenium 200ucg
1 Source of Life – Source Naturals 3058 (replaces a small B vitamin leak)
1 CQ10 oil cap. 400

2 GuaiAid 600 tab./Cap.
1 d alpha E oil cap. 1000IU Carlson's or Swanson
1 Cod liver oil cap. NOW Foods 1742
1 Borage Seed oil cap. 1000
3 Fucoidan caps.
2 St Johns Wart caps. 300
0 Manganese Sulfate 133 (pulse 1 on weekend)
4 nPPZ 650 (50% yield) Bartlowe's
2 Arginase Bladder caps.
1 Ginkgo
Pineapple gets good marks.

1 teaspoon of papain in cranberry juice, additional dose on GERD acid reflux.

1 Hexylresorcinol lozenge 2.4mg at bedtime, or with GERD acid reflux, lung reflux.

L Ornithine 500 may be necessary

_1.5 tea Papaya seed powder in fruit on the bottom yogurt – naturalpapaya

_Add 40 drops Papaya seed oil – cold pressing

Nematode Specific Meds:
Infection Specific meds:

1 Albendazole 200mg systemic penetration and trap for missing Larval Stage - Ascaris

Monthly FenBen schedule - Small Strongyloides

Invermectin for sweats, filarial stage responds for most roundworm infections except heartworm filaria?

Eventually sweats, GERD subside and infection requires less frequent IVM short term, and either/and

Albendazole FenBen for complicated Ascaris Strongyloid infections.

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