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Third liver flush
monroe444 Views: 422
Published: 4 years ago

Third liver flush

I just started a third Liver Flush this afternoon, my only option because I won't have a free day for over a week.

I drank only apple juice yesterday and a bit of fruit and this morning had only water with lemon. I started the magnesium citrate at 1:30 (after my last appointment) and took the olive oil with grapefruit and orange juice at 3:15.

I haven't seen any stones, but I've seen lots of what I believe might be mushed up stones. I've been taking several forms of chanca piedra for several weeks now in capsule form and Stone Breaker by Herb Pharm and yesterday put hydrangea tincture into the apple juice as I read on Dr. Christopher's site.

Oh, I saw a fair number of liver flukes too.

This is a good explanation of how the Liver Flush works from another site:

Epsom Salts (magnesium sulfate) relax smooth muscle and will relax and dilate the bile duct to enable larger solid particles to pass through. Unrefined olive oil stimulates the gallbladder and bile duct to contract and expel its contents.

Olive oil triggers the gall bladder to squeeze all of the bile out so that the bile can digest the fats. Until 2:00, you are allowed to eat all the fruit and veggies you want, as long none contain fat. Therefore, the gall bladder cannot release any bile and fills completely up. When 1/2 cup of olive oil is injested, the liver and gall bladder release all their contents to digest this large amount of fat - also releasing the stones.

A Liver-Flush testimonial on Amazon:

I've been doing Liver Flushes for 10 months now and must admit that am completely astonished by the results. I started it because of multiple symptoms that I could not ged rid of with 'normal' conventional methods and it is only Liver Flushes that are making me feel better. I am still not completely cured but comparing to how I felt 10 months ago the difference is just incredible. I am continuing the treatment as still have stones coming out with every flush. I even made photos of the stones to remind me what is happening as it is still hard to believe for me. My mother is a doctor and this made it even harder to start the therapy as well as continue it for that long (doing something against what everybody around me believed in and what is called 'common sense', scientifically approved etc.) But my mum confirmed that those are stones from gall bladder and is even more surprised by the results than I am. Everybody does what he finds is working for him and intuition here is crucial. I have never regreted starting Liver Flushes and am a totally different and healthier person now. I do not believe that stones are FOOD particles that are stuck in the small intestine, not after all the cleansings I've done, not to mention that I am juice fasting very often, fast for minimum 3 days just before liver flush. I find them much more effective with fasting prior to the flush.


Update: I did the third flush on Monday and on Wednesday I am still seeing evidence of liver flukes, so maybe people are being too quick to decide their flush isn't productive.

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