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Re: Couple general liver flush questions
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Couple general liver flush questions

Hi Aerose,

I posted this yesterday under my third Liver Flush but I think it's good information so I don't think anyone will mind if I post it here again.

This is a from another site:

" Epsom Salts (magnesium sulfate) relax smooth muscle and will relax and dilate the bile duct to enable larger solid particles to pass through. Unrefined olive oil stimulates the gallbladder and bile duct to contract and expel its contents.

Olive oil triggers the gall bladder to squeeze all of the bile out so that the bile can digest the fats. Until 2:00, you are allowed to eat all the fruit and veggies you want, as long none contain fat. Therefore, the gall bladder cannot release any bile and fills completely up. When 1/2 cup of olive oil is injested, the liver and gall bladder release all their contents to digest this large amount of fat - also releasing the stones."

Using magnesium citrate instead of Epsom Salts is jut another form of magnesium and does the same thing, from my understanding.

Would juice help with hypoglycemia or do you have to eat solid food? Because occasionally I read instructions for the Liver Flush in which it says you can take the Epsom Salts with juice.

To me, 40 stones seems successful. Yesterday and overnight I didn't see any stones, just lots of green mushed up bits of stuff, which I assume was stones since it was the same colour, only I've been taking so much stone breaker (chanca piedra as well as hydrangea) that I'm guessing it dissolved them, so I'm thinking yesterday's flush was a success.

I forgot to add, now that I've been learning my own internal anatomy and know where my gallbladder is, I could feel it expelling stuff yesterday afternoon and evening, and sometimes I think I heard something, and then after, I would feel and hear something further on in the digestive tract, so I knew something was happening. At one point, it felt as if a large stone was being pushed through (in the gallbladder area)and was stuck, so I used a massager that I bought upon Quikfire's recommendation (except I have no idea if I bought the right type of massager), to try to help dislodge it, but I did not see any stones, just bits of green.

Does anyone know, can stones get stuck in the cecum or something? Or if they get released from the gallbladder, do they find their way out? I did do two coffee enemas last night as well.

I was up at 5:30 am this morning wide awake which is unusual for me, so that's another reason I'm considering this a success. I did take ornithine and tryptophan to help me sleep.

I'm happy to hear yours was successful too,


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