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World Peace in My NDE
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Published: 6 years ago

World Peace in My NDE

Who gets in? Who gets left out? Why is there no world peace and how do we as humans get there?

In my NDE, i saw the entire life of the earth from beginning to end.
I was on a platform or waypoint of sorts... Just beyond the atmosphere.
Why was i shown the birth and eventual physicaldeath of the world?
There arr probably multiple answers to this but what i witnessed gives me
clues about how one might want to be to prepare for the transition to world peace.

First... The beginning of the world was without fanfare. The big round earth
just popped up out of nowhere. It was pristine and lovely... But it was not a light filled as the will become at the end.

The earth started of as beautiful and lush... Nothing died... That part reminds me of heaven... Beautiful... But then after age, after age, and an age...something like magnetism began pulling at the earth became darker than it was for a period of time that is hard to measure as time appeared elastic... The darker or less light filled earth did not stay one level of darkness through the ages... It would alway balance between around 60 percent light and sometimes exceed 2/3 rds light....

Age aftrr age up until a short time of near complete darknness.. Earth's would tug upward and pull downward toward darness... Some souls and spirits could tip the balance slightly upward or downward... depending on their interactions or mixing with the other spirits and souls in radiating circles around them. Each spirit and soul is as a drop in a sea filled with trillions of drops but each soul and spirit's light move across the whole of the earth to greater and lesser degrees. I saw some dark souls and sprits pulling down and combined would drag the world into anarchy and war... Others lifted the light of others so much so... their light would spread across the globe... Their easygoing laughter and singing... smiles and caring were healing to all the world... Peace was their way...

Darkness then light... Tugging and pulling but then the days of anarchy and darkness does arrive.... Those who are already dark will have their their short night to prey on all... those balanced between will mostly be lost to hunger, thirst and fear. Canibalism will be openly comitted by those who would live at all costs... Terrifying and brutal...

In my NDE, the short time of darkness pulls the masses down into fear and brutality... There will be remnants who are joyful and fearless... Those who let hunger, thirst and fear drive them to madness will consume one another. The remnant will share the same space, hunger and thirst as those in darkness but they will not share their fear... These remnant will be fearless.
Those who fear death will want to live as they trample all that cross their path but those who are filled with light will not sucumb to darkness, huger and thirst. They will endure with laughter, singing and kindness. These at the beginning have one thing in common with what the will soon benome... These beacons of light will be peaceful....

Some in darkness and fear, who did not become canibals, may see the peacful light or hear their joyful voices and join the remnants of light filled souls. Harm none, be peaceful and share your peace with those who would join you in this dark time. Eat nothing and drink only if you have clean water... Sing a joyful song with your voice but when you have no voice wiylth which to sing... Sing from your heart and your heart will shine where words fail...
The time of darkness ends... But only those who were peaceful will enter into the new nearly completely light filled world that emerges from the darkness... If you you died and did not succum to canibalism and fear... you may have the opportunity to be invited back... Those who are peaceful will model the way of the world emerging from darkness...

The ages to come will be peaceful... Filled with music... Laughter... Dance...
Each soul and spirit will practice the Science of harmony between all...

If you want to prepare for the world to come... The most important prep for what survives the darkness is peacefullness. Be peaceful. Let go of drama and power and in its place... let kindness be your spiritual practice. Brutality may allow you to survive a moment of darkness but kindness will allow to outlive the last night of the world.... I just wrote this... after years away... If you find my note.. I hope you take it to heart...

Love and Dances,



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