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How I have won the battle against invisible Mites and white fibres
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Published: 5 years ago

How I have won the battle against invisible Mites and white fibres

I have been fighting this for 6 months . I will spare the back story for now, but suffice to say, it has ripped my life into tatters. Like everyone else. I having spent a small fortune, I have tried every single recommended remedy to no avail.

I am at the point if I can fix this, I have a fighting chance of putting my life back together . If it gets worse, I'm on the streets. Thus these two options inspired me to think from a completely different angle.

I believe this is beatable. However, it will be the toughest thing you have ever done. I will quickly share my method that has eradicated up to 70% in 3 days:

Rub you skin and scalp every inch, every pore with repeated doses of Fixodent dental adhesive . Within seconds, black specs, and white hairs will emerge, running for their lives. They will want to be any place but under your skin . I have no idea which of the active ingredients work, but I will get to the bottom of that in time.

I first thought it was the adhesive making the specks and worms stick to the glue, but they just want out whether you add water or not. Long after application on a spot, they continue to pour out in many forms.

Now for some hard fought for observations about these bastards . They are not bird mites or scabies. They do not behave like either. They are not invisible. You just have to look harder beyond everyday cosmetic expectation.

In their smallest form, they look like household dust and play dead. In a larger form, they look like spiders. I believe there is possibly several other forms and stages.

They can live in, on and outside of your body for extremely long periods.

I have witnessed immense levels of intelligence and energy. For example, they will pop of your scalp in a translucent form speck by speck. Then they combine with others to form a sort of flying cotton ball. I am completely dumb founded that something so small can have so much energy and intelligence. If in nature, they cannot be of this world .

Hiding Places:

This is the most important thing to learn . They hide in places you would never imagine . Every space the size of a micron (one millionth of a centimetre) is up for grabs.

For example, I had a gargantuan amount hiding in the tiny little air bubbles of each brick of my house. This is a 3 story , triple sides house! Upon spraying the side of the house with ammonia, I saw trillions of translucent specks fly for their lives. These can be distinguished from vapour droplets because of the coherent swarm like escape vector . I advice everyone fumigate the entire perimeter of their home in this way . Whilst present, you breathe them in constantly . Every time you open your door or window, they swarm in. They are visible with a strong light about the power of a projector .

They both attract and masquerade as spiders. This is a big give away of an infested house. Do not dismiss rapid appearing cob webs as seasonal. They take the form of spider webs by groping together.

They appear desperate for water , so cut off every single viable source of water in and around your property. if there is a drain you cannot cover, pour oil into it.

There is likely and invisible swarm around your shower head .

A key nesting place are the outside of your windows in he corners. Spray them with Mr Muscle oven cleaner.

They hide beneath the most flawless looking of skin. When you feel them , the have surfaced .

If you are at the stage where you are convinced they are invisible, you will never get rid of them from that view point because your decisions will support what they like best.


Clothes Clothes Clothes. This is my boogey man . In the end, I had clothes I had washed more than I had worn. Ruined whole wardrobes with bleach mixes. I reinfected myself and surroundings with clothes. Here are some quick take aways with the clothes issue:

Some items are virtually fumigation proof. Like several Jean shirts. Some items are relatively easy . Generally, cotton of 3rd world origin is fumigation proof whilst hi tech sportswear and synthetics are easy .

My fog juice is proving to be the holy grail . I am currently testing and will update . I am also testing a mix of soda crystals and industrial lime for washing powder; I have high hopes for this.

Avoid wearing anything twice without washing
Store clothes away from where you sleep
Throw away all towels and use a hair dryer
As the load on your body gets less, clothes are less infested if not at all

The funny thing is , had I not had so much stress and fear, I can easily recreate and film all of the above. My priority has been in fixing the issue.

Environment :

I am updating this section since the previous version. Your environment is they key. This is my take way from six long months and total mental and financial meltdown as a result. To put it blunt , you will never ever successfully fumigate a house without a fogger. The smallest are just one micron in size . I found them hiding in air pockets of outdoor brick work .

I bought a thermal fogger designed for outdoor use. I then made my own fog juice. I tried various mixes with cedar oil which is very effective . One mix nbased on tea trea oil litterally stripped the bastards out in two days and the house felt brand new. The key is , new hatchings will happen over time so repeated fogging required . The ones who dont die on the spot, will certainly come out of hiding . Lots of Moths also either came out and died or came out and begged for mercy .

Fixodent is one half of the issue. A far bigger task is cleansing the house. You need to be beyond relentless. Close all toilet lids at night to deny them water. Spring clean every single day. Other than the known products like Windex, Lynx deodorant is a contact killer (not antiperspirant ) . I have a few other promising products I am testing that may be the best every yet .

I have some evidence that amplifying and playing ultra sonic noise makes them run away from the house, just open the window. Each morning, my window ledges have been full of dust (dead mites) and tiny spider like creatures .

Somewhere in your home, there will be a huge main nest. Today, it dawned on me that my main nest was a very expensive , feather stuffed sofa, go figure uh ? The sofa is huge , but I literally threw it out of the house on my own . Let me remind you; points of infestation are clear with very high lumen light. In fact, they will swarm to the light. To give you an idea of what I was dealing with, the only other smaller particles in the room is oxygen. Every micron of the large feather stuffed sofa was occupied. There is still some work to clear the rooms, but with the sofa gone, I now have more than a fighting chance.

Days earlier, I had a professional pest controller blast that sofa and it did not make one dent ! With the sofa now gone, the air in the house does not feel oppressive for the first time in months. I will chase up the sofa company ; it may well be ground zero . Never again anything stuffed with feathers.

Inside light bulbs are popular hiding places. They winds some type of protective film so you either have to bleech them or continually fog. In fact, I wanted to test the power of my fog kill juice so I hid this one particular bulb wit my current mix and immediately this morbid black speck appeared dead whereas , it was invisible before.

All I can say for now is that , the issue is everywhere. I think besides them having a host of choice, its the intelligent and perceptive that will even notice they are there. My point is, a very large percentage of the population are likely infested. The house across the street from me is infested and yet none of them notice - They probably amuse its dog fleas . Keep fighting, keep sharing .

Invisible ??

They are not quite invisible. A high lumen light source , for example, a projector will reveal where they are. At first, the sight of the gargantuan swam in a single room and its implications fo r the rest of the house made me not use this valuable tool I had at hand. My advice: face them. You will be shocked and immediately deem its an impossible task , but in the end, the high lumen light source was my saviour. I can now use it to gage continual success which in turn boost moral and creativity .


As my war wages on. Victory in the majority of battles are mine and its all coming together, all the answers seem to flow at once . Most likely because these bastards create an oppressive environment from where it is impossible to think straight ; so there is a woods from the tree effect, do to speak. Any way . One thing that confused me was how they were manifesting in my front and back yard out of thin air . I could literally see flying morgellons fibres that would do evasive manoeuvres. Shortly, it was clear to see that some came from my scalp, clothes and body (shedding ) . But others clearly did not as I saw them from inside .

In the end, I worked out that they care coming up from the earth. I have had continual floods from ground water that would roll down a country road and drag the contents of a soak away to my front door! This was happening because workmen accidentally covered a drain and left a soak away. Several times I went out there with my karcher to clean . Thinking that mother nature would kill any nasties, I pushed the dirt inro some scrub land close to me and some into my garden. My error opened up the gates of hell! Here is my current theory : The pollutant in the dirty water contained “morgellons juice “ - Morgellons juice is some type of intelligent fungus that is air born and ground born. We were literally breathing it in for months . I noticed that the air in the garden was as oppressive as the air in the house. Since fogging the entire area, the air outside is nice and placid , with little or no bugs ! I poured caustic acid on the affected areas and the change was instant. I am now to main vector as I am shedding fibres and larvae. But issues have improved a million times and it actually feels like I have won.

Today, I have spread industrial lime all over my lawn and perimeter and it case closed . My home has the least bugs hanging outside of it . My translucent friends have disappeared.

Obstacles in society:

We all know of the text book cynical denial and accusation of insanity when we work up the courage to go to a quack. I am in the UK and barely escaped being committed when I finally worked up the courage to go and tell a doctor (first and last time ). Because of this, I will never consult another doctor on this again.

In the UK, I have twice faced a less common obstacle. I have to admit, I have bought more than my fair share of ammonia, bleach, hydrogen peroxide and caustic soda to raise suspicion. However , two separate stores snitched on me to the authorities as a potential you know what . The first time I was actually arrested and kept for 24 hours. As my luck had it , I was at a nexus with four violently and openly racist officers who used every shade and cloak of the current terrorist hysteria to punish me (illegally ). As karma goes, back then, I was shedding left right and centre. I was in a hell cycle of shedding and resurgence so I was completely contagious . They sat me inside the store food chiller room for several hours whilst they performed a very slow motion arrested. I actually saw Morg fibres emanating from me and landing on their clothes left right and centre . I saw them itch and scratch , comforted that they would never imagine what was happening .

When I was interviewed at the station my story went that I had a heavy flea infestation , therefore I bought items for which I have now been arrested under suspicion of mis-using. The investigating officer was a young , good looking lady. Not for long. Immediately upon face top face contact with her , I saw her jolt like someone just suck a hand up you know where and she broke out in a brief itching fit. Being used to the itch, I made a point of placing my hands on the desk and amused the most still, Ernst demeanour possible. She fluffed and scratched her way throughout the interview.. It was oblivious her lady parts were also itching . My thoughts? Look. I wouldn’t wish this on any one, but to put me through that weird night of abuse , I say its good karma . I would lovet to be a fly on the wall as I know their closed minds would never ever grasp what has happened to them. A few weeks latter, I returned to the same station and saw Morg webs all over the place. None of this was my fault . For weeks , I had been living in near complete isolation , not bothering anyone . So, good, suffer it .

Besides this tale of Karmic justice, my advice is to buy battle items online . My war was very high tempo . If something didn’t work, I immediately went out for something different. Couple this with the immense amount of disposable cleaning items I was buying , I became a magnet for ignorant idiots to victimise. I don’t quite regret it because I had no support from medical Science and so many of the recommended items are not available in the UK. All I can say : I beat this . They wouldn’t.

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