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Re: How I have won the battle against invisible Mites and white fibres
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: How I have won the battle against invisible Mites and white fibres

Thanks. I didn’t include it for brevity, but I have been on a continual cleanse as thus :

Two rounds of Humaworm

Initially, I passed many internal parasites, but it was upon taking Humaworm that these mites / white hair just begun to run rampant. I am not saying Humaworm was the cause, but I believe herbs just don't cut it for heavy loads a person may have been carrying for decades. They make them scatter and go into a shedding hell cycle

Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel

I drank / still this by the bucket load. I actually call this my "primer" product because back in the day, I suddenly suffered stomach bloat and endless gas. When I drank aloe, it seems to calm down. This is the point I worked my way backwards to discern I had more parasites inside me than a poorly maintained public toilet

Various Dog / Cat De Wormers

These appeared to further extract stubborn parasites inside of me

Ovex -

This was the early days I thought that all I had were child pin worms . How I wish . Suffice to say, Ovex is like flying a kyte in a hurricane. Insignificance personified .

Three round of olive oil / grapefruit liver cleanse - I passed what looked like huge curled up snales without the shells each time . To be honest, I stopped after three rounds as it was just too hard , but I knew other approaches would clean out the liver and bile ducts less abrasively .

Diatmocious Earth = Drank , spread, bathed in, slept in and snorted - useful for fire fighting acute flare ups but,again not a game changer on its own.

Colloidal Silver - Drank this like crack to crack head . No discernible effect, however, I have VERY high hopes in incorporating it into the next batch of my fog juice. I think it will be absolutely nuclear .

Live Yoghurt

I ate this by the truck load. However, I have to admit: I recently read a book that promoted the king diet which recommended against yoghurt. I had been fighting this for months and eating all this yoghurt , so, I simply stopped and switched to acidophilis capsules and this is around the period things turned around for me .

Coconut oil

Exactly the same trajectory as the yoghurt above -- It is my anecdotal believe that some of the magic bullet products like cocoanut oil actually feeds morgellons.

Alifia Bitters

This is a a VERY bitter African aloe vera based bitter - certainly cleanse out the colon, but appears mechanical with no long terms effect - good for constipation , etc


popped more pills that I care to remember - Never anything drastic , but good placebo effect , still take it for cover


Ate / still eat whole cloves per day - Noticeable effect, but either a protracted course needed or nothing permanent

Apple Cider Vinegar --

Lackluster results. Great cleanser of the nose and ears. But I have moved away from vinegar products as I am a little suspicious .

Turmeric tablets:

I was taking too much other stuff to accurately assess, but not quite a game changer thus far

Moringa leaf tea

Drank by the truck load. Clearly a powerful oxident, but not a stand alone game changer

My Diet for the last 8 months or so :

No Rice
No potatoes
No Yams
No carbs what so ever
No fruit , exept a few times I tried a pineapple cleanse
No packaged anything
No cheese
Only organic vegetables
No liquids besides authenticated mineral water
No red meat what so ever
No breads
No pastry
No coffee
No English tea

Plenty of Rye (Ryevita)
Plenty of old fashioned butter - parasites crawled out of my skin every time I ate butter
Pnety of scotch bonet chilli
Plenty of tomatoes, but I think this was feeding them
Plenty of oinion


Bought an enterprise grade far infra-red sauna. Great therapeutic benefits with integrated Ozone therapy unit. I would hear eggs erupt with the pop sound once inside - of couce this also means I have to regularly fumigate my sauna .

Products consumed during Game changing moment:

1. Body builder strength Vitamin C tablets well over the daily dosage

2. Zinc Tablets

3. Vitamin B12

4. One last course of Humaworm

5. Daily dose of ivemectin horse paste, well over the recommended dosage (I am still alive) :

I must tripple underline ivemectin . I had done a one off dose before and filled it under 'doesnt work '. Upon realising the immense importance atmospheric pollution, it dawned on me that many of the products that should have worked simply didnt because my environment was extreemly polluted and thus over powered. I have made ivemectin skin creams. I have even nebulised ivemectin to clear the bastards from my lungs. I have also taken ivemectin via rectal insertion - seems to have dramatic effect !

Ivemectin is also an ingredient in my special "kill" fog juice. _ I have dead and previously invisible mites all over the house. The bastards cant get away from it fast enough when I use the fogger outside.

This is the "wow, I'm getting better" moment .

6. A Single does of praziquantel in a dog de worm tablet .

I appreciate the immensely scientific research and thanks for the links. However, during my acute stage , well..... There are plenty of advanced cancer studies that do no good for the dying patient. I will circle back to them to learn and learn how to avoid and maintain my sudden remission .

However. Let me be clear. It is my solemn and hard earned belief that this invisible mites / morgellons/ fluff balls / white fibres / Ascaris / Collembola . It is in the food chain but it is more so a ground and air born pollutant . I can prove that . If there are any people studying this with the resources and tools to measure, I open my home to them before I clear it all with the lime I am laying down . I can literally see morgellons fibres rise up from the soil and fly away for its life. They scramble around looking for new hosts. Since I am hopeful that I am winning, I have no idea how long the few present on my property will be here for . Now I am not being attacked, I will start to film it .


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