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Re: Flukes, intestinal and/or liver
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Flukes, intestinal and/or liver

Hi Mermaid21

I hate that you are battling flukes but I am very pleased to have found somebody going through the exact same struggles that I am except that mine has progressed to an indescribable state. I have battled with IBS or so called for more years than I can recall. Only I knew it was not BIS but how do you argue with doctors who won't listen and just send you to psychiatry. I have a very long history but will make it brief at this point. I had been told for years that I had parasites and had done some parasite cleansing but had a problem with bowel function that I could not get to the bottom of, forgive the pun! I had cancer in 2004 and was given a total hysterectomy, much against my better judgment. I was working in the UK at the time but am from South Africa. I was very fortunate to be given some amazing immune support and my bowel worked beautifully after my op and I felt awesome. However a couple of months later when I was not able to afford to purchase more of the immune stuff I began to experience a regression and my old symptoms started returning. I had some parasite testing done in the US at the Great Smokues lab and was told I had Dientaomeba Fragilis and Blastocystitis Hominid. I was very clueless about parasites really and only now know their incredible danger and they are the most immune damaging critters on the planet. Doctors have no clue at all. There is a doctor in the US a naturopath Dr Ross Anderson who got parasites himself and he is very clued up. You can Google his name and parasites.
Anyway I began a programme called Innerlight in 2005 and while doing their cleanse began pumping outbucket loads of what I called "tomato worms" which I now know to be flukes. I did not know enough about parasites as I said. My gut problems waxed and waned and I spent a fortune. In 2006 I began working with an integrative doctor who was using homeopathic drops as well as supplements. I also had huge heavy netal toxicity and although I got all my Amalgam out I was not properly cheated. Life went on and I seemed to have got rid of all the inflammation etc but felt like there was always something under my ribs on the left. I had researched on the spleen and pancreas but could not quite piece things together. In 2010 I was sent to a surgeon to have a major bowel prolapse repair. I was terrified. Immediately afterwards my bowel worked beautifully. In 2011 the doctor I had worked with for almost 5 years called me and said he had a new machine he wanted to try on me because it was diagnostic. I saw him and he said "your biggest problem is sheep liver flukes in your spleen and pancreas and Giardia in the small intestine". He did not explain the dangernd did not know what to do, so just said nothing. In 2012 I was diagnosed with a Leaky Gut". In 2013 I began vomiting up flukes but I could not get anybody to believe me. I have been down a road to hell. I began falling over for no reason, vomiting every single day and now many times a day. If I have vomited one fluke I have vomited literally thousands. I took two cupsful to the Path lab twice and I was told it was just food. I took samples to 5 integrative doctors and not one had a clue and I was told flukes are microscopic! Funny I have vomited some as long as my entire thumb. I read on Curezone to drink equal amounts of pink salt and Vit C powder before each meal. I flushed out hundreds. However one fluke lays about a million eggs a day and they are genetic engineers. They know exactly how to evade the immune system.I don't know how many years they have been in my body. They have caused a total blockage in my system. I have been working with a gentleman using a technique he developed called Direct Pressure Point treatment. I have literally ripped out flukes and other parasites initially those on the surface but then those deeply embedded in the organs and tissue. I have no idea if zi will survive this. I am beyond desperate with my nervous system ripped to pieces and no bowel function.

The images you posted are exactly what I was originally getting rid of. Be very careful of using pharmaceuticals because they cause the flukes to scatter and they are simply not able to deal with the fluke stages. The flukes and other parasites also become resistant. There are various different parasite cleanses and the names escape me right now, but I will post when and if I remember the name of the one in particular. You are very fortunate being in the US. The Hilda Clark protocols are a good place to start but these flukes are a true nightmare. Forget about the labs and normal doctors. I am taking a natural anti parasitic, use rectal ozone, drink ozonated ware. I did coffee enemas for years but be careful because things have to be done in the right order according to Dr.Clark and others. I have just remembered the name. Contact Humaworm. They will help you and you are in the US so won't have issues getting their products. I have read amazing things about Humaworm. Keep going, no matter what till you get these buffers out. Please keep in touch.

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