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Re: How I have won the battle against invisible Mites and white fibres
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: How I have won the battle against invisible Mites and white fibres

More on this :

I have mentioned this before and thought I had the key to beating this back then. I was but through standing brain fog, and my terrified state, I was unable to articulate this:


During once of the many spring cleans, I cam autocross every example of weirdness nested in an area on top of my carpet: under a cheap soft wood free standing appliance stand, was two translucent worms about two inches each, several mites and some seed looking entities hanging out . I blasted the area with bleach and a rug doctor . Thankfully my carpet is synthetic and bleach-able . As I was cleaning , I looked at the shelf unit and got the fright of my life.

It was styled in individual strips; separated slats so to speak. I looked in-between one of the slats and I saw this entity , it looked like an insect made of dust. The way it moved was not insect like. It moved like a boxer evading a punch away from my gaze. I took a batallion of bleach to the this piece of furniture . As I was going along. I got the second freight of my life. All upon it, were these deep in-bedded nests , covered by some type of goo / white film. Some of them were so deeply in-bedded, I would need to sand the thing down to get to them. I threw the furniture and similar types outside the house with great gusto. So besides this messed up story, my advice is to look at these places inside your home with a magnifying glass.

Secondly on this, seeing the way they had encased this whole furniture with an invisible film was an early light bulb moment for me . I theorised that my entire body must be encased in a similar film. This is now baring fruit. The film on my torso and stomach was the first I broke open with repeated waxing and turpentine. My torso erupted with black specks, yellow crusts , free swimming worms for six hours where I was able to get them out with a gentle massage. I only stopped due to tiredness and lack of sleep.

In the weeks the followed, millions of mites were now visible just under my skin on my torso . I had no credible way of getting them out, but these are the batch and elsewhere that are now shedding.

How I detect current load on my body:

For a couple of years, when I stretched my chest out , I would hear this continuous cracking sound, similar to bubble wrap. Since my chest was muscular, I thought it was just cracking muscle. How wrong I was. The load of film/ mites / white hair all over my body was gradually stiffening my body and would crack when stretched. The cracking receded until now there is no single crack when I stretch .

The second way I detect them in free form is I get something which is something crossed between a sting and a static shock; more a sting. This also happens if I have a load on my body and I walk past one of their chasers , like a spider or fly . This was horrific as some days every time I opened a kitchen cupboard, it was a continuous attack of stings. They appeared to crave dark areas, so as soon as my car door was opened, they would deluge the interior of my car.


I have two performance cars. Both were / still are infested. What should have been two cars I woke up especially to drive became hell on wheels. Places of putrid infestation. Let me be clear. Seen the tiny air gaps in the roof upholstery ? each and every one is infested. Same as the carpet, seats , seat belts, hair slats. You can see this by spraying ammonia and you will see millions of translucent specks fly for their lives. The house was taking all my energy to clean . Having to clean the car each time I drove it was like a kick in the teeth to a coma ridden victim. One of the cars was virtually brand new . I have not had a credible solution until now !

Fog the car with tear tree oil . Blast the fog vapour so it penetrates the fabric of carpet and upholstery - this provides a continual kill so even when you re- contaminate the car from your body, they donít take a hold of it. Repeat this process as many times until you are no longer a vector. They will be gone.

Thankfully, I have always been seen to go OCD on my car detailing. However, my current efforts is drawing some sporadic attention whereby I simply reply that a stray cat infested my car with fleas.


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