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Re: How I have won the battle against invisible Mites and white fibres
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: How I have won the battle against invisible Mites and white fibres

Just charging my phone and will post the first tranche of pictures. I am not sure how many new ones credible I can take as they are now receeding from my body and environment, but I have small window to do some real Science I guess.

In the meantime some more news updates. Apologies. I am not a contradictory person, just conscious . Our back and forth will help others and develop new knowledge :


This battle is one . Nearing case closed status. One of the tragic things about all of this is that everyone fighting it cannot pause to perform isolated scientific tests such as the panic. I am no different , but I have been as anecdotally objective as possible.

I hit my body with everything. More recent, several sessions of rubbing fixodent into every inch of mu body while in the sauna . I read about fixodent on an obscure blog post. I can say, it 100% works. I did it every day for a week. There is no rhyme or reason why I stopped, but I had an abiding feeling that my immune system could now carry the weight . This is proving true . My skin is peeling left right and centre. to reveal pristine flesh . Night crawls are gone .

I made a body lotion using one eight tea tree oil and grape seed oil. This is stripping them from me left right centre. I am now less itchy than before I realised I was sick .


I have solved this:

The weight of this battle alone almost finished me. I have clothes I have washed more than worn .
Remember, I am in the UK so no borax for us . Nothing was either consistent or complete. I had to accept a margin or re-infestation each time I got dressed:

I soaked my clothes in hydrogen peroxide for 30 hours and it made no dent.

They even survived a soak in cuastic acid , ( my clothes did not)

My main bathroom turned into a stinking , putred place where I had clothes soaked in various concoctions doomed to fail.

I was hell bent on a process that took no longer than an additional 30 minutes to wash clothes and did not require a squalid little bin of diseased clothes ensconced in my home .

I have always experimented with in tumble dryer mixed with some success but never complete. Garments came out with the tell tail fragments of fibres .

I baked my clothes in my oven only to infest my oven and not fumigate the clothes .

I defiantly threw away all of my old clothes and went on a Pretty Woman esque shopping spree for new ones. All of them were infested before I got home .

Finally :

Step 1: store all dirty clothes inside one of those square plastic storage containers and close the lid. Honestly, donít even bother soaking , its a waste of time and probably a welcomed source of water for the bastards.

Step 2: At any time convenient before washing , fog the hell out of he container and close the lid. This gives a 70% kill rate before you even wash . Store dirty clothing in dedicated room if possible and accept that room will be minimally re contaminated as you work. Fog at night time.

Step 3: Mix one half cup of hydrated lime with half a cup of soda crystals and wash clothes as usual at the highest heat possible. In the UK, there is a nasty habit of building our washing machines into the kitchen . Disastrous in an infestation because every time I washed , increased the standing contamination in the kitchen . Lucky for me, my home is large enough to build in a dedicated utility room at some point.

Step 4: You need to tumble dry . Had I hung my clothes in the sun, my garden was a putrid ghetto of of translucent ground and air born parasites . Imagine. At this point, I add a small amount of my fog juice to the dryer. Not sure of its useful impact, but the fog juice tricks the dyer into drying for much longer .

All of my clothes now come out hair and speck free.

I just went out for a midnight drive . I spontaneously erupted into tears of joy for the first time in my life. By far, the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Forever changed. Never forget . Humbled, eyes opened .

Never once has my objective been to measure success as my ability to return to a mainstream lifestyle. The message was clear. The universe is telling us all: the eat it / gym it lifestyle is completely contaminated in of itself. Perhaps we are the lucky perceptive ones to recognise that something is not right . I have an abiding belief that in years to come, there will be a mass , sudden awakening by people they donít suddenly have random IBS or a stiff neck for stand alone reasons. Just the other day , a friend asked me if I knew why her neck my be suddenly stiff. Now , I can see her skin shedding fibres, and some type of fungal infection on her scalp (I didnít infect her ) -- reconsigning that she is one of the ones just not ready to hear this, I simply told her its probably nothing and she should see her GP. See, from my experience, there are a very large number of morg infectees in abject denial which is frightening, more scary than the HIV pandemic . If there was a word of greater magnitude than pandemic, ceetainlu right for Morgellons. I see it everywhere.


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