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Re: chelation backfire
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: chelation backfire

I assume the person was receiving the "chelation" and glutathione via IV or other infrequent dosing. We occasionally hear nasty reports from some sensitive folks. For example

My guess is that those who don't have a heavy metal problem and can get rid of it at a normal rate can often tolerate such treatments without any major short term damage. However those who actually have a HM problem can't handle the mobilization--kicking up--of more than tiny amounts of the stuff. They struggle to get rid of it at a normal rate.

If you don't use ALA (lipoic acid) carefully it can easily make a heavy metal problem much worse.

I saw it happen to a close friend roughly 5 months after she had her Amalgam fillings removed. She had been doing surprisingly well prior to the setback. She was tolerating 5 mg or so DMPS every 6 hrs for a long weekend along with antioxidants, etc--Cutler's protocol.

She accidentally started taking 100mg of ALA daily for 10 days in a new formulation of the multivitamin that had been recommended by her former doctor.

I was sick with a nasty cold at the time and unable to meet with her to try to figure out why she was melting down at the smallest stressor and could not think straight. When I recovered from the cold I noticed the ALA in the new multi.

It took her probably 1.5 years of almost weekly weekend rounds of frequent-dose ALA + DMPS--Cutler protocol-- to just recover what she lost in just 10 days of inappropriate detox. She also needed lots of adrenal support, including some HC medication to stabilize her stress response and get her head back on straight.

The mice in the Gregus study treated with infrequent doses of ALA excreted more Hg than untreated mice but they also ended up with *more Hg in the brain and organs. i doubt that the treated mice would have been healthier even with less Hg in them.

These are example of why we need to be really careful and thoughtful about heavy metal--HM-- detox. Kicking up the HMs is the first part of the process.

Do you have enough other antioxidants present to help protect you during the mobilization phase--Vitamin C, E, selenium, etc?

A Cutler and Dr D Pompa discuss their own experiences with detox including the risks of infrequent dosing in this audio interview. You'll need to right click the link at this site and download the mp3.

I suggest that your friend try to take generous amounts of antioxidants--Vit C, E, selenium.

Since Hg really messes up adrenals, and other hormone related systems she may need adrenal and thyroid support.

The sickest people tend to report that they tolerate 5mg DMPS every 6 hrs along with generous amounts of other antioxidants for additional protection.

There is so much for her to learn. However she should remain hopeful. Others have made similar mistakes and recovered. Unfortunately I am not aware of a quick fix.

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