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Re: Moxi use requires Vitamin and mineral supplementation
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Moxi use requires Vitamin and mineral supplementation

Here's what I learned when I was a Roundworm Crisis:

Never got your PH reading. Paper on bottom side of tongue first thing in the am, before food or drink. hold paper to bottom of tongue for 5 seconds then read color.

Take log for a week.

PH Meds are Spirulina Powder and MSM water.

Spirulina powder taken above 6 grams to 30 grams a day is a powerful detox ph healing algae.

MSM is a powder that when mixed with distilled water is an interior to the body membrane sulfur fluid that reduces inflammation in cell membranes and helps move ions.

MSM powder in baking soda not only loosens bacteria in the GI, but helps provide brain sulfur source, and when mixed with baking soda akaline, becomes a powerful Cell water.

Baking Soda helps flush carbon waste out of the body. I took a glass of distilled water and add a teaspoon of MSM and 1/4 teaspoon of Bobs RedMill baking soda. Drink up to 4 times per day. Emergency PH requires Baking Soda Intervention, up to a teaspoon of Baking Soda in the MSM water, very severe case of acidosis, worse than mine. My Acidosis was PH 4.5 worst, his was 4, and told me he heard of a person alive with ph 3.

Anyway Control your PH and get up to 6.5 prior to starting the parasite elimination process.

PH will kill and stop your heart.

Heart needs Magnesium Citrate, dose 133mg of magnesium citrate/D dose 2 capsules to start, 266mg/D to start.

Dose 1030mg of Magnesium Sulfate capsule per day Dr Clark Store, Her Son.

Eat a Banana per day

Drink a Glass of OJ per day

I have Papaya seed in yogurt every evening at bedtime.

One oil of Oregano Capsule per day to prevent intestine infection from Bacteria

Manganese Sulfate 133mg capsule on saturday and sunday.

Natural Calciums, Milk, Cream, Cream Cheese, Cheese, Feta, Greek Yogurt, non-casin milk, Kifer, Fruit in the bottom yogurt, whole butter, whipped cream, Philli cream cheese, etc.

Olive oil cap

Vitamin E d alpha oil cap 2000 - 3000 mg/D

Borage oil 1000mg/D

L Carnitine 2000 mg/D

Vitamin C Ester 2000 mg/D
Vitamin A Palmitrate 15000 - 60000 IU/D
Vitamin D3 20,000 - 50,000 IU Cap BioTech

Spinach every day
Whole Wheat with Butter every day
Egg every day
Pineapple every day, good fresh in cottage cheese.

Papain Powder teaspoon in cranberry juice 8 oz glass, taken AM, PM, or during acid reflux.

Albendazole 200mg tablet PM

400mg oil cap CQ10 in Vitamin E oil 30IU NOW Foods

Heart worms need DEC Dimmitrol 800mg slow ramp.
Filarial Pee is dealt with using PPZ Piperazine Citrate liquid, teaspoon AM/PM = 500mg to start at 250mg per teaspoon. Liquid Dog kind teaspoon has a strength of 50mg/ml and a teaspoon is 5ml. The dose is 250mg of Piperazine Citrate.

Piperazine is a subject you should become familiar with.

Piperazine helps break down nitrogen overload.

Piperazine helps block neural pain from parasite infections.

DEC punches holes in larval hyperinfection, cuts through their skin.

IVM is a gaba channel muscle paralyzer, Paste Wheel Horse is easy to dose in a hurry. Put weight dose in fruit in the bottom yogurt.

nPPZ also makes the worm sleep, removes nitrogen, natural becomes quick ally to PPZ. Bartlows

I put a paper on the forum, Natural Nematodea Formula Revision 6. It is a starting point.

Send me a PM.

IVM Paste to weight on Saturday and Sunday Standard Std. 200ucg/kg dose in fruit in the bottom yogurt.

White Willow Bark Capsules 2 to 4/D will prevent platelet clumping, thin blood, protect brain, no stroke, ..

Ginkgo Capsules 60 mg extract standardized strong, 4/D will tell capillaries to open, not clot or clog, keep open for heart and brain

St Johns Wart Capsule PPM.

Once PH is stable challenge PinX every 3 weeks.

Take MacroZoom Pictures of cleaned parasites found.

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