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Re: Can chia and flax help heal leaky gut?

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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Can chia and flax help heal leaky gut?

Like you say, if you have an autoimmune illness then you definitely have Increased Intestinal Permeability Syndrome aka Leaky Gut.

However I do not think that it is eggs and nuts which are the cause because I am certain that the cause is a very common bacterial infection. To put it into perspective, it is believed by the medical profession that 56% of people are infected by helicobacter pylori. I believe that there are other very similar bacteria to helicobacter which work in a very similar way but attack a different location, a location where no one looks. I believe that these are far more common than helicobacter. If you think about how many people suffer from eczema, arthritis, asthma, CFS, Cancer and many other illnesses you can get an idea just how common these infections are. Far higher than 56%! Every elderly person is infected by these bacteria, the longer a person is alive the more chance they have of becoming infected.

Common symptoms are increased saliva and a runny nose when eating due to a release of histamine which the permeability provokes. These bacteria need saliva in order to neutralize stomach acid so that they can survive. It prevents degradation of their biofilm. If the biofilm degrades more food molecules enter the blood stream which further stimulates more histamine and saliva release. A feedback mechanism that benefits them. Of course the human body pays a big price for this due to autoimmune illness, poor food breakdown, poor mineral absorption, very poor and disrupted methylation processes and overburdened liver function.

It might be worth doing a simple test for stomach acid, chances are you have hypochlorhydria. It's simple, not all that reliable but cheap to do.

High dose Vitamin B12 can limit autoimmune dysfunction as it up regulates t suppressor cells. It's good when IgE antibodies are produced to food molecules but less useful for other antibodies. I am very IgE active, my body responds with IgE antibodies to foods more than other antibodies. Taking high doses of vitamin B12 pretty much stops joint and muscle pain. Note I do not recommend using cyanocobalamin the cheap synthetic form of B12. 5mg tablets/capsules of methylcobalamin are the ones to go for. I take about 30mg/day.

Anxiety is the result of how you handle your emotions, what you picked up from your parents, suppressing emotions ie fear of expressing them is what cause anxiety. It causes changes to the kidney energy ie the body adapts to the stress and becomes highly sensitised to fear. It's meant to protect but in modern life it does not do that as there is no real danger.

It shows in the iris of the eyes just inside 6 o clock in both irises. Looking at the irises there is a darker area, a grey marking like a segment of a cake that begins at the outer edge and works inwards as things progress. The further the marking goes into the iris the worse things get and the higher the levels of cortisol as a result.

A good thing to take is Tu Si Zi (dodder seed). 15g a day is common boiled in water for at least 30 minutes, I boil for 1 hour. I do a large pan every 3.5 days and take 2 mugs a day. Tu Si Zi also tones the kidney energy, if you look in the iris you will see rings that run around the iris, they appear as shadows and have depth becoming deeper and tighter with age. These are caused by repressed emotions and drives and can be traced between different organs. Traditional Chinese Medicine says that anger relates to the liver, kidneys to fear, lungs to sadness and that the right side is expression and left the inner feeling and the rings can be traced between the related organs and they always begin at the kidney. It is these rings which stop the body from healing the nervous system and they have to be eliminated in order to heal the kidney energy and eliminate high stress and anxiety. Tu si zi also positively affects elevated liver enzymes which are very common with Leaky gut due to the burden on the liver.

Be aware that tu si zi does tend to constipate a bit so measures might need to be taken to counter this. I use lecithin and magnesium citrate. Constipation is very common with leaky gut due to the liver using up all available choline leaving insufficient to stimulate the bowel via acetylcholine. Taking lecithin can counter this. Lecithin also provides what the body needs for cell membranes.

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