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Hope's Relief healed my eczema, it's an all natural cream with active ingredients!
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Published: 6 years ago

Hope's Relief healed my eczema, it's an all natural cream with active ingredients!

After 10 months of nasty eczema on my face, neck and right arm this stuff has saved my skin.

I tried all sorts of things including the nonsense prescribed by doctors (steroid cream) which actually made it worse. Pure shea butter is my runner up but wasn't nearly as effective as this miraculous stuff.

Within 2 days of using it I saw a clear improvement and within a week or 2 it was gone. See all the 5* reviews on amazon, if you have eczema this is definitely worth a try. It has all natural ingredients.

I still use it sparingly and only get flare ups now when I eat refined Sugar or bread (wheat/yeast) which are notorious for feeding parasites/candida.

I spritzed coloidal silver on my eczema to keep it clean and avoided shower water on my face/neck as that made it worse. It was tough to begin with but now I'm used to washing my hair and drying it before standing under the shower with my head/neck out.

My patches of eczema had very defined edges btw and didn't fade out at the sides. It spread from my neck to my cheeks and then to my forehead but my neck was always the worst, sometimes it would weep and scab over. All the patches were pink-red and flaky-scaly depending on how angry it was.

The patch of eczema on my arm was HUGE and I'm only just getting my complexion back now but it was a faded white pigment for a long time after the eczema healed.

Also, diet is sacrosanct if you have parasites. Food grade diatom, dried coconut (not the oil), Sea Salt , organic apple cider vinegar, sweet potatoes, cayenne pepper, turmeric capsules (gelatin free), dandelion tea, beets and papaya seeds have all become apart of my vegan diet.

But for repairing the damage already done to your skin I have to recommend Hope's Relief! My dad heard of it by word of mouth and ordered me some as a gift. Amazing product! Let me know if it helps you too.

And if possible please let me know what parasites cause that kind of eczema, I still hear squelching sounds in my gut and feel what might be parasites moving around under my skin (feels like throbbing veins). I first got eczema on my neck at age 16 only a week or so after swallowing dirty water (long story short I almost drowned swimming across a quarry like the stupid teenager I was). That faded when I turned 17 and I didn't see a flare up again till I was 18 on my right arm, that too eventually faded and I was eczema free age 19 but had my worst flare up last year which is the one I've already described to you. It's also worth mentioning I had bad IBS when I was 20 but going vegan sorted that out for the most part. I turned 21 recently, my skin is good but it seems I'm still fighting these vampires. I think I might have seen one once or a cluster of them in the toilet (little white tendrils sticking out of a translucent white blob is the best way I can describe that oddity).

Keep strong x

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