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Re: Immediate removal of adult burrowing scabies...see them float in the bathtub...same day/night relief...this is a working current CURE...from a fellow DONE with them...:)
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Immediate removal of adult burrowing scabies...see them float in the bathtub...same day/night relief...this is a working current CURE...from a fellow DONE with them...:)

I have had parasites (mites, scabies) since May 2016. I have tried some of everything internally and on my skin. I have since it began did extensive research to learn how to rid myself of these things to find no 1 thing get's rid of them completely and usual it takes a number of different things to treat them and give you a short term break.Today I felt the crawling of another hatching about to surface making the rash on my arm and shoulder very apparent red,sensitive to touch & start to burn like hell!as they begin to eat through my skin to get out.
A friend gave me an iv with liquid vitamin B and magnesium chloride to try to see if it helps, because also they are depleting my bodies vitamins of vitamin B and iron.( I am a registered nurse,and yes also have intestinal parasites) But parasites on my skin are making it hard to focus on anything else or function.
I don't care for the needle sticking, and know magnesium can be administered directly through the skin without the bodies cleaning system removing it before it does any good. So..(yes I know chloride is caustic to the skin)
I pulled about 20cc's of magnesium chloride from the bottle and directly put a few drops onto my skin. Gently spreading it to cover the entire area that was red.
Of course for a brief moment it burned but no worse than from the mites biting, seconds pass and it subsides. I can touch the skin and its not as sensitive. It remained red, but all pain faded.I napped for 2 hrs. when I awoke all pain and redness was gone. which is what lead me to start searching for any information on magnesium chloride or similar as a treatment or cure for this condition,I was lead to your post 1st.
So here I am with 1 area free of any issues at least for the moment, while every other area right now as I write scalp arms shoulders still itching and feeling pin prick bites. Before I continue further experimenting I wanted to yield more knowledge on the effects of what I am using to assure I don't cause more harm than good.

And FYI. yes I work in the medical field but in a ageing facility with little to no access to medical information. As well I am aware of the possible harm my condition may could cause in that environment and long ago took leave of absence after explaining to my DON my reasons needed to do so. I have yet been back to work and no one has called to inform me of anything concerning anyone else there having it.I have been off work now over 6 weeks.
To continue..
Since you have cured yourself have you had re-infestation or any issues re-occur? If so what? And how many treatments did you do before you felt you were cured? Do you follow up every so often to assure you remain cured?
Did you have internal parasites that you know of if so did it effect them in any way and or what did you do to rid yourself of them if you did? Can you recommend me some practice to begin to help me, internally or external aside from the baths that also worked for you if any? Also what side effects did you experience from the baths if any? And what did you follow up with after your baths? Any oils or other applications of anything? and as far as your environment what actions did you take to assure you didn't become re infected from your living space. Any help or suggestions you can make will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

oh PS.
and I realized you said you used sodium chloride, I am ignorant to the difference of the effects of the two (magnesium/ sodium chloride)I have just started researching the possibilities of this as a treatment cure. In your opinion would one or the other work better with less side effects or are they about the same with exception magnesium does offer some supplement effects the body requires to heal and function. Thank you very much

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