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Re: candida leaky gut allergies hashimoto floaters
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: candida leaky gut allergies hashimoto floaters

What you are taking is inadequate. You require more magnesium. Those mineral formulas are overpriced and do not supply enough nutrients IMO.

You can get inexpensive magnesium carbonate. Malic Acid, ascorbic acid and mix with magnesium carbonate to produce highly absorbable magnesium salts which are far more cost effective. Mixing magnesium carbonate which is not well absorbed with an acid such as malic acid creates magnesium malate. Mixed with ascorbic acid creates magnesium ascorbate and this can be done with many acids.

This produces carbone dioxide, it fizzes and the white appears clears to produce a clear liquid. Warm water speeds things up but if using ascorbic acid do not use too too high temperatures as it will damage the vitamin c.

The carbon dioxide produced is what is happening in your stomach! However what is happening in your stomach is not so positive as a beneficial acid/base reaction producing a positive result because in your stomach, large amounts of ammonia is being produced. This is caused by a urease positive bacteria which uses the urea in your saliva to produce an alkaline ie ammonia to neutralize your stomach acid and compromise your digestion. This is badly affecting your digestion and protein breakdown and is why you are losing weight. It can affect healing. It badly affects my skin healing until I short circuited it and stopped them getting saliva. For years my skin healing was very bad, I would scar and not form scabs when my skin was injured. My doctors told me it was because I was diabetic. However since digesting protein properly, my skin healing is considerably better and now forms raised scabs and heals much better. Some people experience hair loss or other problems. It comes down to poor protein digestion. Your stomach tries to produce acid and the bacteria neutralize it. This burns up nutrients which cause deficiencies. Zinc is common, B2 is also common and all the nutrients involved in producing stomach acid.

If I was you I would get an pylori ELISA test to rule out a pylori infection. It might not be pylori but it is an easy test to get.

BTW your burping and runny nose is the effects of these bacteria. The burping is them converting your saliva in to ammonia producing carbon dioxide. It is very damaging to the brain and nervous system in the high doses needed to neutralize stomach acid which is highly acid. It takes a lot of ammonia, a fairly weak base to neutralize the amount of stomach acid produced to digest protein.

The bacteria protect themselves with a biofilm and the biofilm replaces sections of the stomach mucosa and this is what causes the increase permeability aka leaky gut. It does also affect the colon, usually the transverse colon.

I find pea protein and hemp protein to be helpful. They are less reactive but not totally without issue. High dose Vit B12 can help suppress the immune system by up regulating T suppressor cells which helps lessen IgE antibody reaction. It does help prevent a lot of joint pain for me. I take around 20mg-30mg/day. It doesn't stop it entirely but it is much better and my digestive permeability is considerably higher than most people so I think I do well considering everything. To digest protein, make it as easy and quick to digest as possible. Liquid protein which you do not need to chew. Chewing adds saliva which will be used to neutralize the acid. Denying them saliva can help a great deal. It's worth trying. It's difficult to do as saliva production increases as acid increases. It's a feedback mechanism which benefits the bacteria.

Changing foods provokes an immune reaction and tiredness. Keeping the foods the same lessens things.

What do you mean by burning mouth? Please explain more.

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