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Re: candida leaky gut allergies hashimoto floaters
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: candida leaky gut allergies hashimoto floaters

If you had a blood ELISA test for pylori then you are likely to be clear of it. There are other bacteria very similar to pylori for which there are no tests. Chances are that is what your infected by and is what is causing your problems. I tested negative for pylori and yet I know that I have a urease positive infection.

A urea breath test would confirm a urease positive bacteria but would not necessarily mean h. pylori. It might be worth doing. The medical profession seem to think it means pylori when it does not. H pylori is I believe one identified stomach infection so far, largely because no one has looked in the correct location!

It's difficult for me to say how you will react to folate. Some people can have a bad reaction when methylation kicks in. I have never managed to get it working because my digestion is so compromised and the detox load is so high. I am probably still deficient in something as certain things can make a noticeable difference but for only short times. My mood certainly suffers as a result. I can get a very noticeable improvement in my mood for a short time. However my bodies nutrient requirements seem so high that everything gets used up very quickly.

Your mouth problem could be an autoimmune reaction in your mouth. The nervous system dictates where autoimmunity affects. Degradation of the nervous system affects immune system control. Perhaps your mouth is affected in that way.

Details on Vitamin B12 I read on wikipedia but someone? has removed the information. Too much money at stake I suppose. It stated that high dose Vitamin B12 therapy upregulates T suppressor cell activity with regard to IgE allergic antibodies. I have been using it for a long time as it significantly lessens autoimmune response. My body does seem to predominately respond with IgE antibodies so it works quite well for me. I use Methylcobalmin 20-30mg/day. I start with 2x5mg and then try and spread them throughout the day. I get slight pain/discomfort in my shoulders but without B12 it is far worse, knees and muscles become affected.
Compare this:
with an earlier archive:
Notice what they edited out! Info about Alzheimers and B12's more natural role in suppressing the immune system function. Directly affecting drug sales and B12's ability to counter allergies which could adversely affect sales of many drugs.

Your methylation could of stalled/stopped. Some people undermethylate and adding additional methylgroups helps. I take MSM, with Vit C & molybdenum to supply methylgroups. It can help improve my mood and state of mind as well as helping with detoxification which is under a heavy load. Methylation is important for SAM-e production which can help a persons mood.

Have you ever had a Liver enzyme test? They might be elevated.
I would not think that it is specifically pancreas related, it's about large food molecules being allowed to enter the bloodstream by the biofilm. I am type 1 diabetic and also the digestive portion of my pancreas is also severely deficient. Food breakdown is fairly poor, seeds are never digested as I recently discovered after vastly increasing Chia seed intake only to find that they were passing through undigested. I have had to start blending them to get anything out of them. The thing is I react within minutes of eating anything. Itching was a big problem before I started B12. I would begin itching within minutes of eating. The pancreas doesn't come into the equation because the effect happens long before then. It's all about the stomach.

I think that well digested protein would be very helpful and could help you gain some weight. Protein shakes, but less reactive protein such as Pea, Hemp, Rice or a mixture of those. Pea and Rice can be purchased from body building sites and has 80% protein. It is low in some amino acids such as cysteine and methionine which you might need to add in addition. Those amino acids can be purchased separately N-Acetyl-Cysteine and L-Methionine. Getting some Branch Chain Amino Acids and taking small amounts of that throughout the day might be worth doing. That would be easily digested without causing any immune problems. Those are 3 essential amino acids. They are amino acids so do not require digestion and therefore should not cause any immune reaction. Ideally taking amino acids would be most beneficial but even pre digested protein tends to be fairly expensive. BCAA is not too expensive. There are some articles on the pros/cons of BCAA supplementation which might be worth reading as there are some reports of negative effects. Certain amino acids tend to be low in certain people, certainly Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome sufferers but that may or may not affect you. You have not mentioned any extremes of tiredness or exhaustion.

Taking some fat before taking a shake would be helpful and would help you gain weight. Taking some pancreatin with it should speed up the digestion so that the fat does not slow the emptying of your stomach which is something that you do not want. I take 40ml of Omega 3 oil immediately before taking my pea/hemp mix. I like them thick by adding soluble fibre to absorb the water which thickens it up to a thick consistency which I prefer.

Pea protein has a nice texture but the taste is not fantastic. Rice protein I hated as it's so powdery. I found it vile and no longer use it. Adding culinary herbs, Rosemary (nervous system healing/restoring), Turmeric, Basil mmmmm etc make Pea protein taste very nice. Taking some Now foods Pancreatin would be helpful. Remember that they use your saliva for a reason. People who spit do so for a reason, it's instinctive. They do not realise it but they are maximizing their digestion. Have you ever wondered why sports people keep spitting? Cortisol the stress hormone works with histamine and increases saliva production. Consume something such as a drink just before them doing their sport which is quickly absorbed undigested into the bloodstream and histamine is released. Add increased cortisol ie stress and large amounts of saliva is produced.

Fasting would not help you. It's a waste of time IMO. It solves nothing and does not eliminate the problem. People have tried and failed before.

Colloidal Silver might provide a better solution. But you need lots of it and hit it hard. Bacteria can adapt very quickly. Adding DMSO would help make sure it works. That is my intention as soon as I get the parts I need but I am damn fed up with waiting for them ATM.

I took a reduced CS which is ionic silver converted into particulate form. I also tried ionic silver which did nothing. The ionic silver quality was probably the problem and the reason why it did nothing. The Reduced CS caused stomach discomfort and my iris changed. The biofilms in my stomach, which there are 5, the largest is on the right near the pyloric sphincter. It is that one which was affected by the CS. My iris shows a return of the more normal blue iris fibres whereas it was solid black in the area previously. However it did not destroy it all, there is a thin black marking in the centre of the region. These bacteria are highly resistant and not easily beaten. Their biofilms can detox and remove harmful substances. A small part is done but the rest needs to be beaten. I have some DMSO which I intend adding as soon as I get my CS generator working. ATM I do not have a case for the magnetic stirrer and I want to be certain that no electromagnetic fields affect the CS. CS needs to be kept out of light but also needs to be kept away from electricity and electromagnetic fields. I have many of the parts but some important ones are still missing.

If you try it yourself I recommend you use DMSO and make sure you get/make some CS which is high quality and then use large amounts for a short time. Fill your stomach each time you take some. You could add distilled water to it to ensure the stomach is filled but do not spare it as it will adapt very quickly. The first few doses are crucial so you do need to get that right. DMSO should force it through the biofilm and give the best chance of success.

Unfortunately I cannot recommend any efflux pump inhibitors to block the bacteria's detox because I do not know of any that work. I have tried licorice root which is recommended for similar bacteria but it did not provide any noticeable benefit. However it is hard to judge as any effect would not be easily noticed. I did not take it with CS either. Quorum sensing inhibitors are something else to look for. They affect the bacteria's chemical communication. It's like telling them that everything is okay and there is no need to strengthen the biofilm. However without knowing the bacteria such things are unknown.

I hope that provides more information and allows you to make some progress. I wish you luck in solving it.

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