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Finally at 100mg iodoral / lugols. Have questions about Adrenal Fatigue and Dizziness (B12, B complex, Adrenal grandulars, methylation, etc)
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Published: 5 years ago

Finally at 100mg iodoral / lugols. Have questions about Adrenal Fatigue and Dizziness (B12, B complex, Adrenal grandulars, methylation, etc)

I came to this forum 2 months ago because I've been suffering from fatigue (bed ridden for months, still in bed) and candida like symptoms.

I've been on 100mg Iodine (iodoral or lugols) for 3 days now. It took me around 3 weeks to take the co supplements long enough to take my first bit of Iodine (it would have taken 2 but I was taking some weird selenium complex and I was pretty sure I had hashimoto symptoms so took 2 more weeks to dose up on Selenium). Then it took around 10 days to ramp up quickly to the 100mg mark.

My fatigue definitely felt much much better on the day that I took the 100mg... I lifted weights for the first time in months, I actually spent 2 hours cleaning my room.

I know the Iodine itself is working... the plan is to continue the co supplements and iodine indefinitely. I can feel my testosterone spiking, my sleep that first day of 100mg iodine was fantastic, my energy was great. But I knew I would run into detox problems. Specifically I'm running into possible adrenal issues as this 3rd day I had to go home from work as I felt a little dizzy and the fatigue has come back somewhat.

I've been taking all of the co supplements daily. 150-400mg magnesium (either glycinate or remag), 1-3 grams vitamin c (liposomal vit c or sodium ascorbate), ATP Co factors (1 tablet), 2mg boron (glycinate), 400-600 selenium (selenomethionine), 30mg zinc (L-OptiZinc w/ .3mg copper), much more than a teaspoon daily of himalayan salt. I'm also taking 1460mg+ of potassium chloride, ACV, teaspoon of MSM every other day, Colloidal Silver (Meso Silver) for the first week (stopped taking it because of some comment from Trapper I read, along with the fact that Meso Silver I heard is largely ineffective), Virgin Coconut oil, and I've made huge alterations to fluoride (no dental products with it, shower filter getting rid of it, not drinking any water without filtering it).

I'm thinking my adrenal issues are because of iodine but a large part of it is me being a vegetarian for almost a decade probably (I'm 30 years old). So here is where someone steps in and goes "well take b12" but it doesn't seem that simple upon researching.

I've seen a LOT of information about fixing the adrenals, I've seen stuff about supplementing B12... then I've seen that if you supplement B12 then you must supplement B6 (folic acid) and other B supplements, you can't just take them alone (strong suggestions to take complexes). I've seen you should use methylfolate instead of folic acid... I've seen that this whole vitamin b setup is apart of a greater topic called methylation and getting over homocysteine... I've seen that I should be taking adrenal grandulars, licorice, etc...

There's basically a lot of information and similar to when I came to this Iodine Forum maybe a month or 2 ago and couldn't make heads or tails of anything on this forum, I can't make heads or tails of it. As you can see, I'm taking a LOT of stuff and at least for now I can generally afford the best forms of each thing I should be taking.

I'm not 100% sure I have adrenal fatigue but if I was a vegetarian for so long and my adrenal glands are sore when pressing on them, I have belly fat when I really don't eat that much, and I have atypical adrenal symptoms (fatigue, dizzy) then it seems likely.

Where do I go from here? There's a lot of information on this topic and it's confusing and I don't want to go down the wrong route (like if I started iodine with co supplements that would have probably been a disaster). I'd also like to continue to keep doing the 100mg iodine but if the adrenal side effects continue I'm worried if I'll have to stop or cut back on that.

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