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Re: Starting a water fast tomorrow December 5th,2016...Need support
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Starting a water fast tomorrow December 5th,2016...Need support

So glad you are feelin' it again. Just enjoy it to the max. Yes slow transition all the way! but make sure you have clear goals, and take baby steps, take it bit by bit! and practice a small juice/water fasts before attempting a longer one. Try one day, then try two days, and just work your way up! inch by inch everything is a synch!

So glad I could be of help to you (and anyone else!) Seriously made my day! and you are more than welcome!

When It comes to the holiday period there are so many ways to handle it - but it can still be tricky.

-One way is - you can say no to the naughty treat being offered - but promise yourself that you will "pay yourself back" a healthy one later.
-You can get as many people on board and educated them - hopefully they will make better food choices and have healthier treats on offer.
-Suggest bring-a-plate events - that way you can bring a healthy treat along and have a healthy and delicious back-up if everything else at an event is not so healthy. You also get to be educated in healthy food and get creative by making something yummy and delicious to share with loved ones (prove to them its easy and just as delicious to eat healthy!)
-Pre-empt the situation by having an idea of what will be served and figure out which are safe options - if its all unhealthy have a satisfying healthy meal before and/or after. Be kind to yourself in the beginning and treat yourself with healthy yummy things so its not so difficult.
-try to go for the things that are least processed, raw, natural, or have high nutrient content... (nuts, cheese, some homemade dips, proteins, veg, fruit)
-always have a safe food on hand that you can fall back on and possible have with you (in the car?). Mine is organic nuts, nut butters coconut oil, fruit, and of course pineapple.
-make the most of the season (I'm guessing you in US - so winter fruits/veg) and research healthy recipes. Its summer here so Im waiting for all the summer fruit!
-Make really good friends with your local organic health food store or farmers market fruit and veg. They will be able to give you good advice and direction as to what things you can start on.
-recruit a friend or family member to go on a health crusade with you! learn together...double the fun and double the detox symptoms! JOY to the world, 'ey?
- worst case scenario if you do fall victim to the naughty yummy holiday treat, don't be hard on yourself, just make up for it by trying harder to be healthier over the next following days. Soon it really will become your lifestyle and you won't know any other way, it will be 1st nature. There are sooo many easy cheap healthy desserts/treats out there, and plenty of other substitutes for unhealthy ingredients. Just draw the parameters you are comfortable with, and try to stick within them - but education/research is the key to getting by in uncharted waters.

Not long ago (4 months maybe?) I did a 5 days fruit, then 10 days on water, then I had another 10 days fruit and then I had a big event that did have lots of food I usually don't eat (yes I was the culprit who made it too.. organic sourdough croissants, traditional pastries, organic apple turnovers, too rich and too much grains/flour!) I don't usually eat anything like that but I baked generous amounts for my whole family as a one off thing. None of us eat that way so it was just a treat.
I made tiny portions, and allocated everyone amounts according to age/activity so no one get to overeat. I never ate mine and took it home and put it in the freezer, to eat slowly over time. I spaced out my treat/naughtiness and still haven't gotten around to actually eating it yet, and may never lol.

Every time I eat something I know isn't right for my body I take action immediately, and do a healthy workout and possibly even, and quite often an internal cleanse via a fast, enema, mono-fruit diet or all of the above. Its good to take responsibility for the slips we make. But never get discouraged, and just keep on keeping' on.

hope it all goes well! and here if you need xx


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