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Re: Starting a water fast tomorrow December 5th,2016...Need support
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Starting a water fast tomorrow December 5th,2016...Need support

I truly know how you feel. Yes there are times when you see something extraordinarily nice are have second thoughts.

Being a mummy looking after my 11yr old and my 15 yr old sister and having a huge family next door - we are always uniting around food and I happen to be one of the main chefs around here for both households, so its inevitable that food is constantly in my environment. It can be so tough. If something is exceptionally nice, my girls always stash some for me for later when I finish my fast (they say they feel sorry for me lol - not that it bothers me too much) or I just let go of it emotionally and release it. I mean its just food and there is plenty more. In my religion we are taught to never fear going without, and that its actually a virtuous thing. Food carried a lot of emotional burdens and fasting actually makes me feel empowered to release that...

I honestly think that when you are craving these particular foods, it is that food detoxing from your cells. You see, toxins are stored deep in the fat cells, so for us to be free of them, we need to shed that fat (I'm not saying your fat but everyone has a percentage of fat on the body and organs otherwise we would die). But just like we got a buzz from eating it (sugar/msg/ preservatives /chemicals/etc) its going to give a detox buzz on the way out when we fast and burn it off. You will feel that toxin leaving as it circulates out of your body and leaves - you may even CRAVE it again! Which might explain what you are experiencing. When I was in my 30 day fast and was literally BMI 14 and anorexic looking, I had dreams of pizza and icecream, even though I haven't eaten that stuff in years! I suspect it was deep in the last tiny bits of fat I had left, and as I cannibalised that fat, the vivid craving of them came to me in my sleep - I would usually never crave that sort of stuff... I did crave while awake cucumber and green apples, oranges - but not junk food!
WGWF, when you get those cravings know that your body is SHEDDING those toxins so don't go and re-infect your body with it again to restart the vicious feedback cycle... You body will need to make new cells so give it the very best you can afford to grow the new you! I was blesses enough that my partner got every kind of organic nutrient I could think of to re-feed on but I still had so many problems as my digestion was wakkk! one month later today and Im not anorexic looking but still not completely right yet!

Also I always plan an escape route: On my mellon fast now I have pawpaw(papaya), mango, apple, broccoli,and God forbid - even some cooked brown rice if things get really bad - thats as naught as I get right now!... but I know that they are my fallbacks in case I get over the Watermelon or it just doesn't feel right.

When I do a intermittent dry fast one day from sunrise to dinner, alternate days- day on day off -(a habit I have done for 6 years straight almost) I do the best if I prepare a platter of fresh fruit and raw veg ahead of time to break my fast on, leave it in the fridge - do a work out just before I break fast then break on water and fresh raw fruit. If i don't prepare I tend to be a little bit silly, by snacking too much or eating random things... so preparing what to break your fast on is so important.

Hope your going well today! my mellon fast is wonderful. Had a LOOONG meeting today so just held on tight!

Let me know how your going


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