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Re: Alternative to Kidney Dialysis-reply
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Alternative to Kidney Dialysis-reply

Thank you, everyone, for your input.

I wish they would republish the book. (Can't bring myself to buying a used copy given the scope of the content and how its prior owners might have handled the book...) It's a shame good books such as this one get taken out of print while the market is being flooded with Big Pharma propaganda leaflets.

> We are also looking on (...) what can
> be the loosing minerals?

Short answer: mercury.

Mercury is the No. 1 element that will cause deranged transport of *other* minerals throughout the body. I know, I know, the patient "has been tested for mercury" and found "not toxic". Tests for mercury are NOT reliable. 9 out of 10 patients will be misdiagnosed based on tests alone.

If your cousin had any of the following procedures/encountered these sources of exposure you can be assured that they have a mercury problem (the question is how much of a problem):
- had Amalgam fillings at any point in life
- received vaccines containing Thimerosal
- was exposed to mercury vapor (from a broken med device, a thermometer, a mercury light bulb or in air polluted by industry)

When it comes to mercury, most detox protocols are dangerous quakery. The only known safe chelation protocol I know of is the Cutler protocol:

Don't even think of beginning chelation or other forms of detox until you understand the Cutler protocol (the book is a must; I'd buy it from the author's site, not from Amazon). If the patient has mercury in the body, trying to "detox" will redistribute massive amounts of it, causing damage all over the body in unexpected ways, possibly permanent damage. A mercury toxic individual may NOT perform a liver detox, says Dr. Cutler.

Your cousin may even be too ill to chelate (Dr. Cutler says, with a life expectancy of less than 10 years he would not bother chelating and this is saying something: chelation is a horrific burden on a sick body even when done right).

Having said that, it is my firm convicion that anyone who carries a burden of mercury in their body, whether they want to chelate or not, should understand the Cutler protocol and what happens in the body when it dumps mercury (this can happen e.g. when the individual is trying a detox method that was devised by an MD not qualified to treat a mercury toxic person, which is 99% of MDs).

A mercury toxic individual will react differently to a bowel cleanse; even changes in diet that seem benign can trigger mercury dumps with all the mayhem that inevitably follows.

According to Dr. Cutler, PhD PE, infrared sauna can be incredibly dangerous for a mercury toxic person; traditional sauna should be used instead (vapor sauna ONLY if the person can reliably sweat - can your cousin sweat?).

I would start by eliminating the **intake** of new toxins.

FILTER ALL WATER with a Berkey filter or another filter of comparable quality (don't use Brita!!!! it will poison you with aluminum).

Get rid of fluoride (toothpaste, water, food, medicine, etc).

Read the Cutler book; it has a questionnaire for diagnosing the severity of mercury poisoning (you can use results from medical tests in the questionnaire as well as other med history).

Figure out if your cousin reacts to "sulphur foods" (the diagnostic test is no longer available, thank you very much Big Pharma; you have to do an exclusion trial instead). What it will do is minimize adverse reactions to thiol groups OR maximize glutathione production, depending where on the spectrum of sulphur metabolism your cousin currently is.

God bless.

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