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Veggie / Fruit powders instead of actual fruits & veggies? Hear me out.
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Published: 5 years ago

Veggie / Fruit powders instead of actual fruits & veggies? Hear me out.

I'm just a normal guy, you can look at my post history.

So for a while now, I've been privy to the idea that simply buying fruits and veggies, even IF they are organic might not be enough. 99% of us don't grown our own, so we don't know what is happening to this produce. Many organic products are able to still be called organic after being sprayed with questionable product (one of the reasons you still have to wash your organic produce). Most of the ripe fruits and veggies we get after they are perfectly ripe and the more they sit after their peak of ripeness, they start to lose nutritional quality. Add that these produce are possibly subjected to extreme hot / cold temperatures, and it paints a vastly different picture than what most people would have you believe.

So what do powders have to do with this. Well... there are some brands of powders out there who source their fruits and veggies more seriously than "well it's labeled organic so that's good enough for me" and they basically have a process where they get produce at peak ripeness, they measure the nutritional content, they utilize new methods to make it into a powder and when they add water back into the powder, it retains 100% of the nutritional content it had when it was a whole food.

I started juicing maybe 2 months ago and bought a really expensive Omega masticating juicer. I go to the organic store next to me and maybe drop like $7 on carrots... then I take 10-15 minutes soaking and scrubbing them, then 2 minutes chopping off the ends, then I juice the entire bag, bottle the juice, and wash out the juicer. It's quite a time investment, and all for carrots that might not be at peak ripeness.

What are our thoughts on this? The conventional knowledge here has always been that powders are worse than fresh produce... but if the powder can prove 100% nutritional match with the fresh produce, and is cheaper, less time, and less expensive (and possibly even safer), then that makes it viable, correct?

Again, I'm not affiliated with the company, they could be bad but I'll put it out there just to further the discussion. This company Activz puts out this carrot juice powder and supposedly can prove 100% nutritional content retention. I suppose the only thing powders don't address is enzymes but I make my own kefir so if that's the only benefit of fresh produce (besides fiber) then to me it's a no brainer. Thoughts?

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