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Re: Need help to IDENTIFY
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Need help to IDENTIFY

Hi Numbsma,

I don't know the answer to what exactly is causing this genetically altered material to grow. I am 'brailling' my way in this, as are you, as are we all.

I do feel, from research I have done, that turning down the freezer a notch won't do much. Did it for you?

From what I read, the core material of many of the particles were engineered by NASA to withstand cold way under 0 degrees Fahrenheit (LOL, can't find the degree symbol), and not burn until way over normal burning temps.

One of the issues Morgellons researchers had with government labs(I forget whom, but I believe it was Dr. Hildegaarde Staninger) was that the labs from the CDC were returning results for these fibers that the fibers were from clothing or lint. This was after the fiber HAD BEEN PROVEN TO NOT BURN AND NOT MELT UNTIL 1700 degrees. What friggin' fiber does that from the carpet?

You know what fits that profile? Among other things. Silica. So some of these organisms must have silica inserted into their genes. I have had a personal experience with this hypothesis that I will share later.

I had massive amounts of parasites grow in the freezer, on top of a plastic box filled with Morgellons particles. Some looked like something out of a Science fiction movie.

I found the purifier crucial for me. I could not do without it. This stuff is in the environment all over the place, and on days I don't run it because of the noise, I have a thick filmy, spidery, white dust on my furniture. This means that I am breathing it in and it's adding to my burden.

The purifier allowed me to finally leave my house.

I got mine with the credit plan from Paypal and I am paying off $100 a month. My income situation is similar to yours.

I make the Iodine myself. I got the recipe from the WMT team at the Iodine forum. I take 100mg LAB GRADE potassium Iodide and 50mg MINED (not krilled) Iodine crystals and combine it in a quart of distilled water in a brown glass bottle. You put in the potassium iodine first, or else the iodine crystals won't dissolve. 100mg potassium Iodide and 50mg Iodide crystals. It is slightly more concentrated than a 5% solution.

I wash all my dishes with this after I use dish soap. I then blacklight something before I use it and do a final rinse.

This is crazy, but we live in crazy times.

I don't drink fluoridated water at all. Ever.

I recently found out about SSKI , or super-saturated Potassium Iodide solution, from the WMT team. It seems that the lungs and thyroid prefer potassium iodide, and the breasts and some other organs prefer iodine. Since I have thyroid and lung issues, I am going to put in much more Potassium Iodide and only a little iodine.

It is critical to take the iodine with the co-factors or you can damage your adrenals/kidneys as you are detoxing from bromides and halides(it's in Dr. Brownstein's book). You can get info on those also at the forum. One they don't mention however is flax oil and coconut oil. Morgellons soaks up fatty acids, and also, iron.

Really, all our nutrients.

I have reduced my thyroid med by 30% since I have done this. Although it is considered medically impossible (nothing is medically impossible) I intend to go off it slowly over time.

Can you afford the supplements you'll need? Including Dr. Carnicom's? I found a place called where you can get supplements in powdered form.

Yes, smart dust is part of it. I cleaned my bed one day of particles with a lint roller, and came back to find a particle the size of a nut on it. It was like voodoo. I have a photo of it. It even had respiration under a video from my microscope.

Then I found out from a Morgellons researcher (he's on Facebook and Youtube: Melbourne Morgellons Resarch, or something like that), about external emf's and growth of aerolized quantum dots. You can find patents on that on the web.

The most important thing, THE most important, for me is to have a meditation program.

I know, I know this in every cell of my being, that anything physical is thought made manifest. Qi Qong is great here. There are some wonderful meditations I can recommend for you that are free, on the web. As you do it, you will attract the things you need for continued healing.

I promise you this.

This property of physical manifestation is why the people who are doing this have some real bad karma coming back to them.

But you know what?

For me it's really important to forgive them and bless them. It's really hard work. But otherwise, we become like them.

I am a Tibetan Buddhist and the Dalai Lama, my leader, prays for Mao Tse Tsung (sp?) every day. He actually is very concerned about the communist leader's soul as he is probably in hell for a long time. So he prays for him every day.

Anger's not good for the immune system either.

Would you like to know some qi qong (pronounced qi qong) you could do in your bed?

Please get the iodine book by Dr. Brownstein. You can get it at the library as an inter-library loan. And please, leave the house once in a while. It's not good to be shut up with your thoughts all the time.

The most important thing is to manage your internal terrain and your pscho/spiritual/emotional terrain. I can't stress this enough. I don't see this mentioned anywhere on any Morgellons foroums.

And also, as you get better, help other people. That is why I am here. It's part of the healing process.

More on my protocol later. I am exhausted right now.

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