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I was a Toxic Waste Dump Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia
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Published: 3 years ago

I was a Toxic Waste Dump Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia

Living in this modern world, some things are hard to avoid.

The first step in turning me into a toxic waste dump was being immunized. It was mandatory to be immunized to go to school here in Canada.

(I only recently met someone my age who was not immunized. He was home schooled by his mother who was obviously light years ahead of her time!)

But for me, there was no choice at the time.

While immunization has it's place, it severely weakens the immune system and overall body.

They add mercury to the shots because nothing, absolutely nothing can grow in mercury.
Imagine what that mercury does in your body.

There is much research to show many autistic children showed symptoms right after immunization. Some children go straight into convulsions.

My childhood, like other kids, was filled with ear infections and rashes. This already showed that my body didn't have enough good bacteria.

So, of course, I was on Antibiotics many, many times. Antibiotics kill off good and bad bacteria.
Bad bacteria are like weeds. If no flowers are growing, eventually weeds pop up.

After many courses of Antibiotics , my immune system weakened and I was left with even less healthy bacteria. And of course, the nasty chemicals in immunization shots also kill off good bacteria.

I had pretty good teeth as a child. But like most, I had metal fillings. And these metal fillings had mercury in them. Even more mercury added to the system.

See a trend here?

By the time I was 13, I had bad acne. This was another sign that I was eating things my body couldn't digest fully. My liver was backed up with toxins, and my hormones were out of balance due to toxicity.

For many years, I was on tetracycline, an antibiotic.

I was pretty much doing everything possible to kill off my good bacteria.

It's crazy how much of my life could have changed if I only understood how damaging this was.

After years taking them, they stopped working, and my skin was left very tender and red (my first sign of rosacea).

Then I went on Accutane- 2 times! Accutane is HORRIBLE!

You have to get blood work done regularly to see if you are getting liver damage from it. You are strictly told that if you get pregnant, your baby will be badly deformed.

I also learned that suicide rates are very high amongst Accutane users. I'm grateful to be alive!

How can such things be prescribed?

Why did I take it? Because I didn't know any better. How much more warning do you need to stay away from such deadly poison?

Like me, eventually you'll also be saying 'I wish I only knew what I know now!'

All this time, my father knew I shouldn't be taking these drugs.

He was 50 when I was born, and his father was 50 when he was born. So there is 100 years between my grandfather and I.

The information my father was giving me was from what he heard from people who were living in the early 1900's.

My father was warned that modern society was poisoning people, because his dad lived in pristine conditions.

My grandfather saw the difference in people's health when white flour and white Sugar were introduced.

They noticed that radio towers affected humans and animals for the worse. Farmers said cows stopped giving milk when radio towers were introduced.

My dad saw the difference in people when rubber soled shoes were introduced.

We now know that leather bottom shoes, which were used for 1000's of years, allow the body to release static and absorb negative ions from the earth. But now you can't even by leather soled shoes because they aren't as durable as rubber and plastic.

Mothers used to say their children misbehaved more when they wore fancy rubber soled shoes bought from the store.

He was old enough to see the difference between farm food and store bought. "Most plants from the store taste like cardboard and slightly sour", he used to say.

In healthy plants, because they have so many minerals, they taste sweet. EVERYTHING tasted good!

He said that fresh farm milk never constipates people because of the good bacteria. Buttermilk was used for constipation. But store bought milk is notorious for plugging us up.

My dad used to say that homogenized milk tasted like plastic. Store bought meat stunk to him, because of the toxins.

He spent most of his life eating sweet tasting fruits and veggies.

He went from well water (full of oxygenating h2o2), to tap water. He said it tasted horrible and so bad for you! Well water tasted sweet.

He spent most of my teenage-hood saying, "Don't wear makeup! It will spoil your face!" He was talking about the chemicals.

He said to never use antiperspirant because we are supposed to sweat! But if you stink, it's because you're unhealthy.

He didn't use toothpaste; he always used Sea Salt or baking soda. He never wore dentures because he had most of his teeth.

He never went to a dentist, never flossed. I think he mostly had good bacteria in his mouth. He had quality teeth because his overall health was very good.

He would watch TV so far away, that he was almost in the other room. He knew it wasn't just your eyes that were being ruined. He said it made you tired, therefore it was damaging your health.

He wouldn't eat anything from the microwave. He said it ruined food.

I don't remember him ever going to the doctor. He ate garlic on bread when he had a cold.
He said the body heals itself. It's a gift.

Because there was so little information about how harmful chemicals were to the body, I didn't believe him.

I thought he was anti-modernization, but he was ahead of his time. I wish I listened more.

Old timers had the advantage of feeling great, energetic and healthy for a big chunk of their life. When something modern was introduced, they could compare it to when they didn't use it.

The problem today is- we don't know what we would feel like without modernization.

Most people never spend a day, not sitting in front of the TV and computer, having a Cell Phone in their pocket or sleep without WIFI messing with every cell in their body.

They have never drank rainwater. They have never spent a whole summer eating only food that was out of their own garden.

This is just so hard to comprehend how wonderful life was, back when people were self-sufficient.

So back to my toxic waste dump story.

When I was 18-25 years old, life was good. I had energy to do most of what I wanted.
I was creative and adventurous.

Everything changed when I got married and went on the birth control pill. The pill is extremely acidic to the body. Remember, we need to be highly alkaline, highly oxygenated just like healthy plants!

Your body uses its own magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium to neutralize the birth control pill.
On top of that, it messes with your hormones. It is a most unnatural thing to introduce to your body.

During that time, I started experiencing more constipation, candida, bladder and sinus infections. Of course I needed antibiotics at least a couple times a year.

My good bacteria was dying, and I didn't even know it.

Using up your own minerals to neutralize the pill means you have less minerals for your tissues, and for your overall health. And less minerals means there is less food for your good bacteria to eat.

I was likely just FULL of bad bacteria and parasites!

I quit taking the pill after 2 years. I wish I never went on it!

Slowly over the years, these problems just got worse. Not that it slowed me down any, because of my crazy personality.

My hubby and I have lived a full lifetime together! My excitable, outgoing, adventure loving personality is relevant to how I got chronic fatigue. My personality type tends to push extremely hard, working and enjoying life, running at 110%, and then suddenly crashing.

In my adult life, I've lived in 7 cities, and 2 countries on opposite sides of the world. I've travelled all over the world. I obviously keep looking for stimulation.

Over the years, I have been told so many times, "You know...maybe you should slow down a little. You're doing too much!"

Because of my various obligations, I worked 6 days a week and did most of the cooking and housework, buying groceries, ect. Plus I spent many hours entertaining and planning excursions.

I used to climb 30 flights of stairs in our apartment building, often twice a day just for exercise.
Crazy, no?

After running at 110% most of my adult life, I began crashing while living in Asia.

We lived in Asia for 3 years. It was a real test for our immune systems. People don't use soap to wash their hands. So there is all kinds of bacteria I never came across before. I'm an 80's kid- where every nook and cranny was sterilized.

After 1 year there, I noticed a change in my teeth. I have always been complimented on my super white, super strong teeth.

(I followed the example of my father who used Sea Salt and baking soda, instead of fluoride toothpaste.)

But in my first year in Asia, I noticed my teeth were staining easily. They weren't bright white anymore.

This was a sign that I was becoming toxic and was using the calcium/magnesium from my teeth and bones to neutralize toxins. This was making my teeth porous, so they began to stain.

I was already running low on alkalinity. My saliva PH had dropped from a healthy 7.2, to probably 6.8.
At the time, if I understood what this meant, I would have lowered the toxins and radiation in my life.
I could have increased the amount of alkaline minerals, and protected myself from harmful electro-magnetic frequencies. But I didn't learn that yet.

Trouble was on the way.

I could have prevented my immune system eventually crashing. In the 3 years in Asia, we went on 20 air planes- 6 being 12 hour flights.

That's a crazy amount of radiation!

One domestic air plane ride is equal to one x-ray. Imagine a 12 hour flight.

If I understood what this meant, I could have eaten seaweed daily to help my body detox. Seaweed binds with radiation and takes it out of your body.

But, again, I didn't know that yet.

Japanese have had more radiation than anyone else on the planet. Yet they are some of the longest living. One of the reasons is their seaweed consumption.

Also, areas of Japan have all 60 minerals that humans need, in their soil.

There are only 20 places on the planet that have all their minerals.

They are located where ancient glacier silt deposited all these 60 minerals in the soil. Or they are places that flooded every year, bringing minerals in the silty water from way up in mountains.

Then people would grow plants in this soil, put their pee on the garden, use wood to cook, and then put their ashes back on the garden.

And farmers would even swap manure, so they had manure with different minerals from different areas around where they lived. This constantly recycled minerals. But if the minerals aren't already there, eventually we lack them.

But animals will supplement their diet by eating clay, salty soil, and drink muddy, silty water.

When farm animals are low in minerals, you will see them licking fences where the farmer puts his sweaty hand over and over again.

And if you have a cat or a dog, you KNOW that they LOVE licking sweaty hands. They are instinctively wise. They know when they're lacking, but humans don't.

I now take a mineral supplement with 60 minerals in it. But I didn't find it until coming back to Canada. So many websites are banned in Asia. Who knows if it would have come into my life, if I stayed there.

During our 2nd and 3rd year, I taught English to 800 children a week!

This was during swine flu. Our school never had it, but they had a fever that they passed back and forth, mutating over and over.

I would feel better on my days off then get sick again at work. This lasted for 8 months.

During that time, I went on antibiotics 3 times because my sinuses were so infected from all the stress on my immune system.

It wasn't until later that I found out they use fluoride there to make the antibiotics stronger.

Sodium fluoride lets go of the sodium and attaches to calcium in your bones. It makes the Antibiotic last longer in the body, making it more powerful. But it is extremely toxic!

So eventually my hubby and I came home to Canada, because we felt so run down.

But back in Canada, I only got sicker. My immune system crashed so bad, I wasn't sure what to do.

First of all, travelling 24 hours to get home, plus jet lag of 18 hour difference, weakened me further.

Setting up life in Canada was also stressful after being away for so long. And we felt so ripped off because we had to come home against our will. We wanted to stay but our health wouldn't allow us to. It was emotionally damaging to us.

For those 3 years away, we hardly had any bread, pizza, or cheese because they were imported and too expensive. Being back in Canada and surrounded by these things that I loved, I ate to my heart's content. This only served to clog up my colon further putting stress on my body.

What I also missed so much being away, was taking hot baths. We didn't have a bathtub in Asia. But I probably wouldn't have taken a bath there anyways. Their water is not very good.

Back in Canada, I took baths almost every night.

But during my hot baths, not only was I soaking up chlorine, but the horribly toxic fluoride that they put in our water.

I burdened my body more than I could handle. Because I felt sick and was getting even sicker from other people's germs, I stayed indoors too much.

Lack of sunshine added to my decline. The doctor told me that my vitamin D was very low, even in summer!

Then I was finally diagnosed with chronic fatigue. What this means is, after every test was done on me, my blood work was perfect. But I had 20 symptoms of chronic fatigue.

Chronic fatigue is when your immune system crashes. It's a viscous cycle. Your immune system is too weak to fight off infection, so you always are fighting something.

If you are always fighting something, you are always exhausted. The more exhausted you are, the weaker your immune system. So you can't fight off infection, and it goes round and round and round.

It feels like the worst flu you've ever had. But your white blood cells aren't elevated. Something is causing your immunity to bottom out, and it doesn't look like it's even fighting back.

Soon I also had fibromyalgia. It feels like fine sand in your muscles, and electric shocks through your joints.

Every one of my body systems took a hit. I stopped digesting... stopped pooping...stopped sleeping!

I looked older and more tired by the day. I knew my body was in crisis. If the doctor said, "We have evidence someone is poisoning you!", I would have believed him.

That's what it felt like. It felt like I was being poisoned, becoming more and more toxic. I felt like it was just a matter of time before I had cancer. Every cell in my body felt sick!

But because of my background, I knew the body would heal itself, if I let it.

So I started researching, spending a year and a half reading everything I could find. Then I experimented over and over. Some things worked, some things made me so much sicker.

I was the guinea pig.

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