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what i discovered about healing candida
revolvercowgirl Views: 490
Published: 3 years ago

what i discovered about healing candida

I been trying to heal candida for a long while now and in the process i have discovered quite a lot of things that i think all people trying to do the same as me should know. What we read online about candida diet and how to heal it is all WRONG almost everything they say is not the truth. I am not trying to say that i have the one and unique truth but i would like to set some things straight. So first thing first the diet what the hell to eat when having candida? well what I discovered is that what is really bad for candida is as we all know is.. processed sugar, but if u have candida avoid buying anything that comes in a package that includes even soup even if its from an organic market, everything that has conservatives will make your candida go wild.I had bad reactions and stomach aches to non-organic carrots, meaning that is the chemicals in the food, not the food itself, i even had a bad reaction to bubbly water yes WATER because of the chemicals they use and the heavy metals they put on very commercial water, of course tap water is the worst offender. I don't seem to get reactions to organic fruit but is always best to eat it in the morning alone so it's digested fast and efficiently . I found that grains and nuts are the most challenging to digest and for me they seem to make the issue worst so i gave up those i still occasionally eat some quinoa, cause I found is the grain I digest better. Every kind of flour is very best to be avoided, they do bring candida and is not a question of gluten or not gluten is a question of chemicals on the process of making the flour and of slowing down digestion ,spiking blood Sugar levels and maybe the yeast content in baked goods i suppose. I do eat meat but i try to eat an abundance of veggies and eat meat like max 4 times a week, given that its very important for the meat to be of good quality and not packaged meat because if not it will make candida react i eat only fish and chicken and eggs as far as animal products are concerned no dairy because I don't like it. My candida doesn't seem to react to mixing fat and natural Sugar like many people suggest but it's best to be avoided I suppose also starches do make it react so I am not eating those for now. Then to really eliminate candida all you need is a teaspoon of 100 % gum spirits of Turpentine 3 times a week with a bit of water betaine hcl and enzymes to fix stomach acid and digest food better. Try to keep the diet on the low-fat side don't eat an abundance of fruit I mean 2 pieces of fruit in the morning seems ok as long as they are organic and eat veggies creatively there is veggie pasta, raw salads, veggie lasagna veggie everything. But most importantly no process anything even if its organic! drink plain water and boiled ginger with cinnamon, they both have strong antifungal powers.
follow my advice for around 2 months and candida will be gone good luck!!

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