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Long overdue update - finally liver flushing properly but need advice.
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Published: 6 years ago

Long overdue update - finally liver flushing properly but need advice.

Greetings all. I haven't been here in years, but I made some posts back around 2012 about how I almost died from severe digestive issues and CFS. This was the last one:


It was even assumed I had passed away on this post, which was odd to read but I understand it considering how bad I was back then. I just needed a break from groups and forums for a while as I found something that was working for me. I did nearly die that year but luckily am still here and fighting, so here's the update.

During that year where everything crashed and I had several infections / viruses etc and could barely eat anything, I was on this and other boards desparate for advice and so on. I ended up after my 2012 hospital visit, finding a lot of info from people about the high raw vegan diet.

Between 2013 and 2015 I was, for 2 years, eating nothing but fruit, veggies and water. I didn't have any grains, animal products, fat, not even protein. I lived on huge fruit smoothies of bananas, dates, nectarines, berries, green leaves, etc. For dinner huge salads and fruit platters, followed later by the only cooked food I ate - a huge bowl of no fat vegetable soup. I was preparing this stuff all the time.

Before that I was living on these horrible elemental medical drinks as I could not tolerate anything "normal" (meat, fat, most food you could think of, it all shut my body and muscles down). I knew I could always tolerate fruit, but I just didn't realise some people eat like this, just massive amounts of it.

So I tried it out, and yes, my system agreed with that and I could keep going after being sent home with "nothing they could do for me".

It was a hard time, but gradually I got a little better during the end of 2013 into '14. I got a girlfriend from Romania who was a really beautiful person and helped me so much.

Later in 2014, I felt good enough to risk trying more foods again. I first tried cooked sushi (tuna etc), small amounts of chicken etc. To my surprise, the foods no longer shut my body down. Took me a little to get used to eating it again, but I started eating a lot more, and my GF was cooking really nice traditional European food which was great to be able to tolerate.

I gained 15kg (nearly 30 pounds) of much needed weight over the next 6 months or so, and since I was very thin and underweight, this made me feel much stronger and more resilient in the world. Although i'm still now very fatigued/feel toxic etc, I am stronger to be able to deal with it all.


I still battle with getting lots of viruses etc, but just keep on trying to deal. I tried to do DMPS a few times but i get quite a lot of symptoms from it so i end up stopping. I am about to try again though.

I have now started Liver Flushing properly. HOWEVER! I have a problem in that I never get stones out. My entire health condition started 17 years ago with liver sludge/stagnation which could be seen on ultrasound, and this is what caused my entire illness (starting with a lifetime of immune system over reactivity).

I should have yes indeed, started Liver Flushing back then, but I was very scared of it and thought all that oil would cause severe gallbladder attacks.

I have done lots of mini flushes in the past which I did feel something from, however now I am doing full flushes, and have so far done about four.

However, I have never gotten stones from any of them which is disheartening. I do 3-5 days of 1-2L of apple juice with a no fat diet, fast on the last day, then drink epsoms plus mag citrate (the combo i find better than epsom alone), then a 2nd round of that, then as usual 2hrs later, half a cup of olive oil and half of grapefruit or lemon juice.

The most concerning thing about these is not just that I dont get any stones, but the last 2 I don't even get nausea anymore. That's pretty scary not to get it from half a cup of oil. I used to get very nauseous even from one ounce of oil when i did mini flushes. I know my liver is the main reason i'm so sick, and im just hoping it hasn't gotten so bad that it's barely functioning to the point that i *can't* get normal nausea anymore or something.

I can seriously eat 4-5 pieces of fried chicken (not that I do often) and while I dont feel great from it later on I get NO nausea from it. Actually the only time I get a little bit of it is the day after I take a decent dose of Sam-e (which does something with encouraging bile stimulation/flow).

I feel like until I somehow see some stones coming out these flushes maybe aren't doing anything.. not sure. Anyway I've just done number 4 and will be doing them every 2-3 weeks.

Any flushing advice would be great.

Thanks all hope u guys are well!


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