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Re wormscoming out of skin. Possible solution
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re wormscoming out of skin. Possible solution

First of all...I don't know what that picture is doing on my account. It looks like a crackhead and I assure you it's not me and don't know what it's doing there and I can't remove it.
Let's move on....
I've had this condition for over ten years. Started with intense sensation of bugs crawling all over my leg. Used microscope and could see nothing. White salt-like looking crystals came our out of my arms and legs followed by tiny black specks which looked bizarre through my microscope. Over the years I've been hrough so much. Doctors are no help. On my own I've discovered some very important things that could lead to resolution on this insane condition that causes doctors to tell us that the symptoms we describe are impossible therefore we must be delusional. ...
There are possibly two things occurring here at same time OR one is causing the secondary skin condition. Starts with parasitic worms . It's either HOOKWORM, pinworm, or a type of roundworm. These can be caught from dogs and cats. I accidentally stepped in dog poop in my bare foot and I obviously didn't clean good enough and eggs must've gotten under my toenail(S)....Eww gross I know. Doc's will tell you that these worms only live in your gut. They are wrong . I drank pin-x and 5 tiny white worms came PAINFULLY forcing their way out of the skin on my shin. They were thin, about a half inch long and all of them had their bodies shaped and squiggly like the letter"S".I didn't save them for testing. I was in shock so I didn't think to save them. Soon after,I found another larger, different looking worm under my big toenail. It backed away up under the nail when it saw me. That freaked me out. That worm appeared to be either different type or more mature version of the other ones. One bizarre thing that happened during the initial onset of this condition was the palm of my hand looked puffy and upon closer inspection noticed it was leaking fluid. When I tried to drain it the skin began to tear away and this is when I found the mass of various yarn and other fibers all collected under the skin like a nest. Weird I know. After years of insightful observation I've surmised that tthese parasitic worms ( which are totally normal to get and millions of people have them and don't know it....They for some reason don't cause the same results that some of us had gotten,) ....They live under the skin and pull in threads from clothing and blankets for whatever reason. Maybe they eat them or they just have weird nesting habits which actually isn't so weird since animals mostly all make nests of some sort. It just sounds weird when you describe these nests being made under one's skin lol.plenty of people have them....And they do live under the skin and not only in the gut. This is a fact!!!
One time I applied pyrethrum cream on my foot and the worms reacted defensively by pushing tiny pieces of black sock thread out between my toes. Wow...That looks stranger written down than it sounded in my head. But it's the truth and although I may not be what people refer to as completely"sane", I know what I saw so no question there.
NOW ..the crystals that come out of the pores: I'm not entirely sure but my educated guess says it might be either the body's reaction to their presence like their bodily waste or simply a ssecondary fungal condition brought on by whatever weird sshit these worms are doing. I had a doctor give me an RX for Ivermectin AND I bought Desenex powder(contains miconazole). I Sprinkled powder over body normally few times per day and took the pills. It was unbelievable but it was working.i also shampood with head and shoulders and even washed my body with it and let it stay on a few minutes since it's an antifungal. My hairs on my arms, legs, pubic area all began to get healthy and shiny again and couldn't be pulled out and they didn't itch.unfortunately I ended up going to jail and had to stop the treatment. While in jail, it came back and drove me nuts in there itching. I can even feel them crawling around my toe area at times. I just got out and am having a problem getting another doctor to write me more Ivermectin. I spent all my money on lawyers so my finances aren't what they used to be. Lol (not funny). But I'm pretty sure I've figured out some good info on this mysterious condition that's ruined so many people's lives. I'll get more Rx and Desenex and shampoo soon. And I am confident it will fix the situation again.
I really Hope this helps some of you.

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