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Invasive Fusarium Infection?
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Published: 6 years ago

Invasive Fusarium Infection?

I did a Great Plains Laboratory organic acid test a while ago and my tricarballylic marker was very high, so far above by multiple standard deviations at 2.1 while the high end of "normal" is .58 (not sure what the unit of measurement is).

Here is what Great Plains Laboratory says about tricarballylic ....
"A chemical by-product released from fumonisins during passage through the gastrointestinal tract. Fumonisins are fungal toxins produced primarily by F. verticillioides. Elevated levels can be caused by the intake of corn or corn-based food contaminated with fumonisins."

At the time I did eat some occasional corn products, organic tortillas and chips mostly so I just brushed it off as being due to the corn, but now I am revisiting this thinking there may be more to it.

For one thing the level is so much higher than the normal range, could eating some corn chips a few times a week really cause the level to be so high? IDK

Then the other I read something that could explain how many of my health issues started....


Back in late 2008/early 2009 I developed eye and skin issues. I noticed my contacts really started bothering my eyes and I had to stop wearing them and start wearing glasses instead. Also at the same time I developed red inflamed skin rash that moves across my face. I went to the eye doctor and they looked at my eyes and said they were fine. I went to a a few dermatologist who "diagnosed" (just visually) rosacea and prescribed Antibiotics and topical creams. The creams did nothing. The Antibiotics made things much worse in my eyes, skin, and I gained really bad ringing/pressure in my ears along with sinus pressure headaches. I had a few eye irritation/infections that I has to take steroid drops to get to calm down

Flash forward to today and I still have these things going on. Tons of floaters in my eyes, pressure in the eyes/sinus/ears, ringing, headaches, dizziness, skin rash that moves around the face. I went to an eye doctor last year and he said my eyes/cornea look ok. I did read that the Fusarium doesn't always enter the cornea and can just linger around and aggravate the eyes.

For a while I was suspecting parasites but now I am starting to wonder if I caught some invasive Fusarium, possibly from the contaminated contact solution, and it its living in my eyes, sinus, skin, ears, and god knows where else.

I am going to try some MSM/silver drops and Herbal Eyebright wash to see if this calms the eyes and relieves the pressure, it would be great to get rid of these floaters as they are really annoying and I am only 34 so they shouldn't be there.

If anyone knows about Fusarium any advice or comments are appreciated!


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