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Re: Pure gum turpentine
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Pure gum turpentine

I had some strange results yesterday which are continuing onto today:
yesterday I took my Turpentine (1 tsp) with 2 tblsp of castor oil. I think it flushed my liver? After 2 bowl movements I felt like there was still something in there- I did a water enema and which point i expelled Just oil, dark green bile, and tons of what looks like red liver flukes (they were Really intact- in fact I saved some in a jar w/alcohol to show my doctor- I don't even know if it's worth it to ask a doctor, but..)- they looked like the pictures online of a totally intact fluke (Not like a rolled up skin, like an intact fluke). Only about 20 of them, in all different sizes from very very small to up to 1.5cm. I also passed a ton of those "cotton balls with legs" things I've seen pix of on this site (I also saved them in the jar with alcohol)- I passed Dozens of these. As well as biofilms stained green. I followed the water enema with a coffee enema & I again passed Just flukes, 'cotton balls with legs' and biofilms as well as green bile.
Today I feel totally drained (when I first started using Turpentine I felt more energized and better than ever), but I don't think it's so much as the Turpentine as what my body went through with the castor oil flushing the liver. I've had a papaya smoothie with some greens & spirulina+chlorella so far b/c I didn't eat much yesterday (just a smoothie, and green juice & beet+carrot juice). So, yeah, I'm not sure exactly what happened / did I really flush my liver ? And, does this mean I have a serious fluke problem I have to deal with or will the turpentine take care of them over time? How do u know if you've gotten them all? I still have flukes in my stool today. I took my turpentine on Sugar this morning, it's day 4 (& I was following the Jennifer Daniels protocol where you do it for 4 days, then 2 days a week for 2 weeks or as long as symptoms persist).
I'm not sure if I should try to eat dinner or how I can rebuild/restore myself after so much purging yesterday- I've been a raw vegan for so long but for the first time, I had a immense craving for cooked food (I was thinking of making an Aryurvedic Kitchari with basmati rice, some veg & soaked yellow dal + spices) but I just don't know how I should proceed to best restore my body after all this purging- my stomach feels Really delicate & I don't know if I'll be able to digest all the raw veggies I usually eat. So, while my stomach feels super delicate, I also feel a deep, deep hunger... So, I'm not sure how
best to replenish my body after this (I've really only had juice & fruit+greens blended in smoothies since I expelled all of this).

Also, is there any point to take pictures of these things & save samples of them in a jar to show your doctor? I don't think I'll tell my doctor I'm on a turpentine protocol, I might mention the herbs, but is there Anything they can find out when you bring them in samples? I was able to save about 4-5 totally intact red translucent flukes that are easily identifiable by eye as well as about 8 of the "cotton balls with legs" as well as a larger sort of greyish 'exploded' looking fluke in a jar full of alcohol.

Any advice would be really appreciated! Cheers & hope you're having a lovely day!

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