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Re: Infectious Disease Doc
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Infectious Disease Doc

I agree with what you said about doctors thinking you are crazy.

It started with large gargling noises on my left abdominals. It got so loud that it woke me up a number of times. And when I'm awaken, I felt movements around my body.

I started to read up on the internet, and at first I thought it's round worms. I read somewhere that suggest 800 mg of albendazole for a week or so. That's when I started 2 dose of albendazole 400 mg per day, since this drug is readily available in Singapore.

It actually got worse after I started! The movements actually became more pronounced, and I could actually feel something really long moving along my legs.

Anyway, I bought piperazine from a shop here which I found online. I increased my dosage of albendazole from 2 to 3 tablets, and on the night of the third day, I took piperazine before sleep. Initially, it was quite that night, but i was suddenly awaken by a loud noise on my left abdominals and then that gargling sound again, except it stopped abruptly. And then, it was peaceful after that.

I was again awaken by movements forth day morning. I thought, no problem, now that I'm armed with piperazine. I took another tablet of albendazole with a 28ml bottle of piperazine. This time, it went crazy. Things started to crawl everywhere frantically, some to my body, my back, my legs, arms and head. I was totally freaked out! I can't recall any incident scarier than that. Those things felt like lumps that settled all over my body.

Unfortunately, I still had to work that day, and I had to go to work while acting normal throughout the day. Those lumps settled down, but started to move again after a while. And boy, did they move. Crawling all over. Nevertheless, they mostly stopped.

I went home and slept really early since I was really tired. When I got up after mid night, I felt my strength returned. it's the feeling when u recovered from fever and you're strong again. I was so happy I thought those parasites are dead.
I slept well mostly, but in the morning I suddenly had the stupid idea to take piperazine again. I wanted to get rid of them once and for all. So I took 2 bottles of piperazine with 400 mg of albendazole.

This triggered movement from the long one. Slow and steady movements in sync with my breathing. It started moving all around my body. Wherever it move, it gives off an anaesthesia like effect And this was non stop throughout the day! I endured that thinking maybe it like a dying symptom (I read from this forum), and it will eventually stop like the smaller ones. It didn't stop throughout the day, the 5th day. when I got back it's still moving, but I was too tired, took a tablet of albendazole and went to bed. When I got up middle of the night, I was thinking, no movement, but a strange tight feeling around my gums and head. i got up slowly though I felt it retracted though I could still feel it around my head. As I stood in front of the mirror, I slowly peeled back my lower lips.

To my horror, I saw a deep canal dug out under my lower gums! Like a nightmare! I felt I was at my wits end. I prayed, took albendazole, and at some point, it kind of 'let go' of my head area. I slept from the exhaustion.

On the sixth day I continued my dosage of albendazole. By now, I was feeling that numb anaesthesia sensation on my calves, my head, sometimes my hands. But I told myself it's doing all these due to dying symptoms, just persist!

In the evening around need time, this thing was around my head, my legs, my chest, arms. At this point, I began to think there could be more than 1 'long one'. When i suddenly experienced stabbing pains on my chest, this is it, I'm going to the doctors. I search for information for the local cdc. They're closed but located next to a hospital.

Cut the long story, i checked with the pharmacist at er, there wasn't any anthelmin in stock. So I went home and came back next morning. This is when I went thru a series of doctors thinking I'm crazy rounds. Too much to share in one post. In a nutshell it's probably T Solium, Cysticercosis.

My experience taught me that many of us here in this forum might actually know more about parasites than most doctors know or care to know. their standard line of question is have you traveled to any rural country in the past 6 months, do you experience diarrhea, vomiting, etc.
They won't listen to you and yes, they will think you are crazy.


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