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55 y/o male water-fasting first-timer with questions
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Published: 5 years ago

55 y/o male water-fasting first-timer with questions


I'm preparing to embark on a 28-day fast to detox, cleanse and drop fat.  I have been a successful dieter in the past losing 30 lbs at a time successfully (using Atkins and HCG).  I want to clean up my eating habits and finally come to a moment of truth about it.  I weigh in at 250 lbs and that is the heaviest I've ever been.  

Here's my 'WHY'.

My motivation is to be able to button my pants and wear a belt again because I refuse to buy bigger clothes and compromise.  In the mean time the skin on my gut and circulation is extremely painful becuase of my choices.

I want to minimize the back pain I have with my big fat gut swaying way out in front of me.  

I eat TUMS like candy to help with 2X a day heartburn.  I want to quit drinking sodas diet oflavored or otherwise, or eating sweets at work simply because of stress or boredom.  

I want to quit drinking coffee and adding Splenda to my diet.  I want to get back into my gym at home to perform maintenance of a healthy lifestyle so that I can just get things done around the house rather then hiring someone else to get it done.  

The photo of myself is from last Summer 2016 when I dropped 30 lbs. because I was doing a photo shoot.  Afterwards I gained it all back and then some most likely becuase my motabelism has slowed down while still making dumb choices in the crap and portions I've made.

I remember how much I enjoyed just adding lemon juice woth salt and pepper as the only seasonaling and being content with the flavor.  I'm ready to take back the healthy eating habits and have the backbone to make it a lifestyle change BEFORE a stroke or heartattack.


So my questions surround specifics to my age since I'm not trying to fastrack myself to literal death by heartattack.  I've been reading other posts here in the forum and I know you all are not doctors but you have experience in the life and forum.   I have high BP and I'm Hyperthyroidism and use a lipid beta blocker.

All are maintiained by medication.  

So here are my questions I need answered to begin.  I am addicted to sugar.  I have HUGE hunger pangs.  I wonder if using an appetite suppresant will help stave the pangs off until the 4th day when going into ketosis takes over my feeling of being satiated.

I'm prepping for epson salt soaks to help minimize the cramping; is this a daily requirement? 

I need to know what level of potassium I should be taking along with a multi mineral supplement.  

I know not to take vitamins based on the research I've read here so far.  

I have a five stage water filtration unit for my primary water source.  No toothpaste use as well.

So when do I actally listen to my body and break the fast to avoid the danger zone?  Should I go in stages to work up to a 28 day fast? 

I heard hunger comes back later in the throat and sometimes the whole body and that's the cue.

Can I function under a fasting within a work environment?  

How can I deal with the feeling of exhaustion?  

Is being tired ongoing or just somedays typically?  Any workarounds?  Should I start on a weekend and take an added two days off the first week to remain at home?  I don't want to act 'pissy' with people at work as I need to pay bills still.    

Should I also detox with a colon cleansing treatment?

Thanks in advance for your valuable contributions.  

Please include any other thoughts to prep mentally and physically.




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