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Hulda Clark Mop-up program vs MMS - which to use?
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Published: 7 years ago

Hulda Clark Mop-up program vs MMS - which to use?

Hi, I'm in the middle of a pretty Intensive parasite cleanse/killing period- I began with a month of the classic Hulda Clark herbs for abt 40 days then when I still had a serious problem, I moved onto a Turpentine + castor oil protocol (which I still have 2 weeks left of - I took a brief break & I'm restarting soon b/c of the full moon coming up) which seemed to work alot better. But, I still feel like they're not eradicated & I need some form of a 'mop up' - I also have another issue: 10 yrs ago, I survived pretty serious septic MRSA which was treated in a hospital (& I was quite sick/almost died, spent 3 months in the ICU, the MRSA was in my lungs, blood as well as soft tissue & I spent almost 5 yrs on IV Antibiotics which I believe messed up the bacterial balance in my body possibly leading to the parasite problem being worse- I don't know if I had them before MRSA or only afterwards). Anyhow, when I started parasite cleaning, I feel like some of the bad pathogens from my past became released in my blood stream again- I started having weird symptoms, breaking out in boils on my lymph nodes, coughing up some really strange mucus- things that had only happened to me when I'd had MRSA in the past. And, I feel like I need to do some type of clean up / mop up to take care of not only the last of the parasites but some of the pathogens possibly released when I killed them. I've been taking Colloidal Silver through this process but I don't think it's strong enough. So, I was originally planning to do the Hulda Clark mop-up program (& I'm fairly sure I have tape worms as I expelled something long, flat white & segmented but am unsure I got the head) but when I started researching how it worked, it seemed to work via Oxidation [mostly through the Ozonated Olive Oil] which then led me to learn about Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . I've never used Miracle-Mineral-Supplement before & I'm very unsure about using it- there's lots of scare mongering stuff online abt it that I don't know how true it is. The one benefit it might have for me is that it does seem to kill a range of pathogens which might be very beneficial to me. But I don't know. I've also found some other protocols online where people had dealt with their parasitic and pathogenic load using first herbs or Turpentine then moving onto Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . And, I'm not sure if it will be more effective than the Hulda Clark mop-up, esp for something like MRSA that while not acute, I'm sure some of it still lingers in my body & that parasites were holding onto (& I had Alot of parasites). Anyways, if anyone has any suggestions or experiences doing this type of thing, I'd really appreciate hearing what you have to say/think about this idea. I've also tried to get standard medical help in the midst of my parasite cleaning when I realized the problem was Really bad & I've still had no luck- I brought samples into my doctor who ID'd them by eye as parasites {she gave me a single dose of Albendazole which I've yet to take as single dose seems to only have a cure rate of 17% & I have flukes as well as Ascaris & Albendazole only kill fluke eggs which seems like it'll only be of use After using something else that kills all the adult flukes}; they've done 7 stool tests on my so far, none of which were conclusive [though a few came back 'unidentified/unknown' which is really strange to me- so Not normal but they're unable to identify What it Is that's Not normal]- it seems like standard medicine is totally uninterested in even acknowledging this problem; they've talked about doing a capsule endoscopy but I don't know if that will even be of use to me at this point]; so, I feel like I'm Totally on my own to deal with this problem & I'm trying to deal with it in the most thorough way with a well thought out protocol. I also eat a mostly vegan alkaline high raw diet (I occasionally have bone broth or a bit of organic ghee) with No Sugar or Carbs (I've cut out all grains & starches since realizing I had a parasite issue) & even most fruits except for anti-parasitic ones [like pomegranate, papaya+seeds & pineapple juice] & have incorporated tons of anti-parasitic foods into my diet daily (like pumpkin seeds, fermented veggies, kefir, etc.). So, any guidance or suggestions, esp abt the Hulda Clark mop up/ozonated olive oil vs MMS would be much appreciated.
Thanks alot.

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