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Re: Hulda Clark Mop-up program vs MMS - which to use?

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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Hulda Clark Mop-up program vs MMS - which to use?

Yes- I'd love his info: I've been having a hard time trying to find a good naturopathic md (& I'm in CA too). I'll check out your protocol. I also have really low vitamin D levels (as well as rlly low white blood cell count). I started taking Garden of Life Raw Vitamin D 5,000 IU (I liked that their's was sourced from a whole foods source).
But, I agree that spending time with these traditional doctors is a huge waste of time (& money). I got into seeing them b/c of my mom- I was just going to deal w/this myself but once I realized I had a huge parasite problem & my mom could tell I'd been really sick for almost 1 month (probably from all the die off) I finally told her what was going on- she didn't believe me at first until I Showed her the parasites & then she immediately got so worried & was like "U Have To see a doctor" - but now after spending over 1 month with these doctors really intensely trying to figure out this parasite issue (& after spending 3 yrs going to doctors for all my other symptoms & having none of them be able to figure out what was wrong w/me, why I just stopped getting my period & had a sudden GI disorder happen out of nowhere & all they could do was diagnose me w/IBS), I think even she can see that They Aren't the Answer. Because after all these tests, they still know Nothing and have No suggestions; even after bringing in samples that They Couldn't Identify all they did was prescribe me single dose Albendazole which I haven't even taken (bc from my research of peer reviewed studies, I've found it has a rlly low cure rate [17%] in that dosage & only kills round worms. It also seems alot more dangerous than the natural treatments). I'm doing an capsule endoscopy next week to make my mom happy (& I guess it might show me too if there's any physical damage to my GI tract from the parasites- honestly, I'm not rlly interested in even hearing the doctor's analysis of the capsule endoscopy footage & I think just having it to show a naturopathic doctor & to see myself will be more valuable) but I'm not expecting any stunning revelations- I think even after that, my doctors will still be like "I don't know". Which is really shocking to me b/c how can you have blood tests that don't look right (like my White Blood Cell count is So low that my doctor said it looked like I was fighting off a major infection yet seemed totally uninterested in finding out the source of the problem) & just be like "I don't know, you're fine", esp when I've had really serious symptoms for Years (like no period, no energy, severe GI distress where I basically couldn't eat for weeks at a time- only broths & juice- and lost tons of weight, headaches, insomnia, etc. etc. meanwhile my WBC count just dropping year after year) that have never gotten better & only gotten worse and worse & act like there's nothing wrong, y'know? My internist has been saying "maybe it'll clear up on it's own, I don't want to diagnose u with leukopenia" for like 3 Years while it's only gotten worse.
So, I've sort of given up on traditional western medicine- I think just mentally if I hadn't of, I'd be going crazy right now b/c when you Know you aren't well & you feel so unwell & your body isn''t acting normally & you have so many really strange Physical symptoms & things that even show up in a blood test, it's really hard to try to convince yourself that you're just fine just because your doctor can't figure it out & doesn't seem interested in figuring it out. My mom still believes in them, I think b/c they saved my life when I had septic MRSA years ago, so, I'm sort of still going to them to humor her but I've realized that if I want to actually get well, I have to rely on myself & some other healing modality to get better.
I've also been interested in the link between heavy metals & parasites- it's something I'm concerned about (& I guess it's a sympathetic relationship, like the heavy metals attract parasites & the parasites hold onto the heavy metals); I also have one small silver filling & 2 root canals so I've been worried about that lately but can only really do one thing at a time (& haven't been able to afford to get them out right now- I know eventually I'll have to). I've looked into taking Zeolite (I use ACZ nano) & sometimes I use Diatomaceous Earth but I'm not sure how much gentle chelation I should be doing while still having a filling & root canals in my mouth. I'm also pretty sure that being on all of those IV Antibiotics & meds in the hospital that I became really inundated with heavy metals (as I think alot of them use them as binding & mixing agents).
And, I'm not sure at what stage of this process dealing with the heavy metals is best at (I know killing parasites releases heavy metals so it's good to try to clean up after u kill them but some people say that u can't ever truly get rid of parasites w/o getting rid of the metals so I don't know).
Thanks for all of your advice & support- it's really helpful! I'll check out your protocol too! Thank u so much!

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