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Heavy infestation for years, No one believes me, Now it's getting serious please help.
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Published: 4 years ago

Heavy infestation for years, No one believes me, Now it's getting serious please help.

Hello, let me start off by saying I have viewed these boards quite a few times over the past couple of years but never contributed. I am desperate, on my last whim, and I need some help.

So let us begin: Several years ago I had a run in with law enforcement, long story short I ran through some woods, crossed a barbed wire fence, traversed many briars, and swam across what I believe to be a river/creek that sewage most certainly drains into somewhere down the line. (Basically I swam thru feces water with open wounds)

Soon thereafter I was placed on probation and opted to do my time in county jail to get it over with and cost myself less financially. Only 45 days, opposed to 15months probation- not a bad deal and it's a common thing people do. When I got out of jail and returned home I had noticed some itching in my anal area. When I touched back there it was wet, like mucus. I went to the bathroom and spread eagle and saw a moving wriggling piece of thread. Instantly knew it was a worm of course and after consultation with grandmother she suggested it was probably pinworms and something I could have easily picked up in jail just by touching something. So I went and got the PIN-X stuff from the pharmacy, Reese's I think, banana flavored or something. Took it, and forgive me but I feel (know) I have had a heavy infestation for so long my memory is really shot and I couldn't tell you how well I examined my stools but I do recall eliminating them or something.

Now since then, this has been like 8 years I have had ongoing GI problems that started with violent retching vomit out of no where, randomly. It would just never stop, I would retch 100 times during some episodes. I would go to the ER and being that I do smoke some weed from time to time they dismissed it as some Cannibinoid Hyperemesis syndrome. Let me assure it is NOT this. I stopped smoking for 4 months and still had the same problem, and was not a heavy user by any means. This has progressed into every time I have a bowel movement I have the dry heaves, or food if I ate recently. So it seems to me there is a problem some where down the GI line, started randomly and now it's not random, it's every time I go to the bathroom. Being that I could never get any help when I would have these dry heave episodes I developed a hiatal hernia discovered upon endoscopy about 6 years ago and have been on anti acid meds ever since. I also have had to find "ways" to get through the horrible vomiting I go through. Heating pads in certain areas, jogging somehow helps, but what helps the most is rubbing the lower back across the carpet back and forth as I lay down, sounds weird I know, but it helps for some reason- the friction of it moving something underneath the skin ? It doesn't feel like nausea, it's really violent regurgitation that hurts like hell. When I am hungry it is much worse. Almost every morning when I wake up I feel like I am starving to death, I also have to defecate at the same time. It's hard to determine which to do first because evacuating while hungry seems to be much harder without throwing up. I don't know how to explain it, it's like a hunger/nausea/pain all rolled into one. I have had every test done under the sun and nothing is every found. However my white cell count is always way higher than it should be, sometimes as high as 26...and they still send me home. I should mention that I am down to 120 lbs from my normal weight of 160 pretty much my entire adult life before this stuff. I cannot gain this weight back, despite efforts to minimize calorie burning and increase intake. I also have horrible night sweats almost every night, this is going on for years. My eyes are sunken into my head, the dark circles are attrocious, and now when I am out in the sunlight I have a lot of black lines and floaters that really mess with my vision. Despite no drug use or disease that's what I look like when I stare in the mirror, a withering aids patient or a junky. My GP thinks I'm bat crazy I'm sure, the way she brushes me off is horrible. I've seen a few GI docs over the years and had all the tests run except a colonoscopy- that's what I plan to get referred for next. My salivary gland on the right side has been swollen for some time so I went to see the ENT, he was alarmed by my weight loss, and I did have a minor sinus infection. He prescribed me some anti biotics and referred me to an oncologist. So now I am seeing a cancer doc, WTH? This doc ordered a CT scan with contrast, something I've done many times before, and nothing special showed up-as I expected. I mentioned to this guy about the parasites and how my stool tests have come back negative, he sent me home with 6 sample tubes to collect over 10 days. I mean there is just no way I don't have them, every stool has strings hanging off and if I take diaotm earth for a week and fast with juice, or if I take Wormwood /blackwalnut or anything that has anti parasitic properties I have passed out a long worm over 10inches long many times. Usually this is with enemas and they are also coming out in droves about 1-4cm long I started taking pictures since no one will believe me or take me seriously. I am also bipolar, but treated for it, and not the type to go off the meds. Recently I am noticing a lot of neruological symptoms, no memory whatsoever, using the wrong words when typing often, like are instead of our, or is instead of in, it happens too much to be coincedental. Prioritizing and cognitive functions are not in the norm, I can just tell, and it's not in relation to bipolar, I can really establish a difference, I know what mania symptoms are and my medication has worked fine and is still working fine.

Recently I have these cysts like bubbles on the crest of my inner thighs from the groin down to the kneecap on both sides. I feel a couple of them in my bicep but not nearly as many, I am worried it is some kind of necrosis from parasite tissue invasion being untreated for so long. I know it sounds crazy, but my legs hurt like hell and I fell the other day. No one will believe me I don't know what to do, and I am passing these things everyday, sometimes have to pull them out myself, I know it's horrible to say but I don't know what else to do.

I am sure I have left out a bunch of stuff so I will just leave my images here with the message and hope someone will reply. I'd also like to mention I had the cotton balls but have not seen them in a long time. Maybe I can fill in the blanks from there if I left anything out.

Hope to hear back from someone,






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