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Parasites in the UK
britishguy Views: 953
Published: 6 years ago

Parasites in the UK

I have reason to believe that I have a whole body parasite infestation. I am in the UK and have never been to the tropics.
Symptoms include blockages in the intestines, a sensation of things twitching throughout the body amongst others.
I know its parasites as about 3 years ago I decided to experiment with taking tinctures to protect myself from the cat that had worms.
Something thrashed about in my eye socket and died covering my eye with white milky puss. Something that felt like it was about 8 inches long thrashed abut in my guts whilst biting the gut lining while it died. Morgelons like hairs came out of the skin.
Then in the spring of 2015 I took a dose of MSM at 12 g a day (after having increased the dose bit by bit over 3 months). I got intense nausea so bad I couldn't eat. I stopped eating for 6 days. On the second day of the fast I passed a knot of Tapeworm half the size of my fist. I was horrified and flushed it away. I tried to tell the doctor. They said I had a disease of delusion. Note to self: Be careful about what truth you tell the doctor. I told my parents. They said I was hallucinating. Note to self: Be careful of what truth you tell your parents. Grrr!
And to be honest, I don't always feel like pulling my poo out of the toilet bowl and taking that to the doctor to get analysed. NHS stool tests have proven negative which is stupid.
Background: I am a chronic fatigue sufferer with candidia and naturally cant absorb nutrition. During a time of abject poverty a few years back, I didnt take my vitamin an mineral supplements as I could barely afford to eat. I am a recovering alcoholic of some near 14 years sober.

I cant stick to a raw vegan diet as its hard and on top of that I live right next to my parents so if they see me doing anything healthy and nutty (by their standards) then they will probably assume the worst and treat me badly. I want to juicing but that might be out of the question too. However when they go on holiday I will try a short cleanse.

I have tried cleansing with “ parasite free” by markus rothkranz, “Black Walnut +”, Diatomaceous Earth food grade (cant use that safely. It scars the eyes!) and intermittent fasting. These days I have a good nutritional routine to boost the immune system.
I also occasioonally do a series of enemas.

What do you guys recommend or suggest?

PS., Dear British people. These things are in your country now, so be aware!!

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