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Re: Constant headaches, sinus infections, HELP!
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Constant headaches, sinus infections, HELP!

If your getting migraines, and headaches the doctors have no answers, then it is time to become investigate and be your own advocate. I believe there is cause, effect and a cure.

Recently, Mayo came out with a study that showed 88% of people are misdiagnosed initially.

I kept paying doctors that were not helping so it was time to change strategies.

When I was in college, my friend studying medicine would always say, " The head and the stomach are tied" and I never thought much about it, but now I do.

My nutritionist suggested a elimination diet, and to start a daily diary. I'm a vegetarian for most my life, but Elimination Diet helped ,

And she asked questions if I felt better when on vacation or at the office or outside ? Was I sleeping on memory foam? I already was sleeping o organic , pure cotton sheets, blankets, pillows and a healthy latex ( sap of the rubber tree) mattress etc. Dryer sheets, any scented stuff got rid of it is highly toxic.

Another cause for headaches could be Electro-Magnetic Sensitivity, electo- magnetic frequency reaction . People reporting they were feeling sick from WI-FI so people reporting sinus issues from their lab tops. We had our entire house corded

Straight away she put me on the
elimination diet. Look it up on the web. and so easy to follow. It is basically stopping all sugar, wheat, gluten, nuts dairy, caffeine, all night shades vegetables, mushrooms, soy, all soda, all meat except chicken. I ate a lot of brown rice with stir fry and soups Took VSL #3 probiotics.

Once off the elimination diet, I started making the SCD yogurt which is yogurt that lactose free from the increased cooking time

If you eat what your allergic to even in small amounts it can make you sick. dizziness, nauseous, headachey, flu- like and over time this really lowers your immunity. If your seriously ill ever you want the strongest and healthiest immune system. The scratch test is not as accurate as the food elimination test. The other is check your resting heart rate, if you eat something your allergic to your heart rate will go up.

The daily diary I was to write down mood, physical symptoms, and elimination.

I went on an tour of a vineyard, that night I had a rash on my hand and my neck and headache. My dermatologist said, it is airborne allergy. I did not put the two and two together at the time

The Candida diet is helpful candida may have developed biofilm this an protection film created by the candida to protect itself. To dissolve the the biofilm take: Lauradicin, Serrapeptase. Nattokinase, or coconut made from fresh coconut NOT dried dried has mycotoxins in it. So, the biofilm is dissolved then take the medicine, to get at the candida

I saw six ENT they all missed something. My genius ND found it . Many alternative medicine doctor use independent labs, he did a nasal smear sent to the lad, and it was positive for mold and put me on BEGS spray this stuff if amazing.

The neurologist believe my two rhinoplasties, damaged nerves so I have electrical treatment on my nerves I deep inside believe it is an infection hidden in my teeth or sinuses

My neurologist was so fascinated with my exposure to mold and my previous doctors
mycotoxin/mold poisoning diagnosis.
Now the neurologist is now going to see that her other patients have mold poisoning and A study showed that out of 112 patients diagnosed with chronic fatigue actually 98% of them were misdiagnosed they had mold poisoning. The real times lab does a urine test 500.00. What is your health worth. Or get a cheaper air test on Amazon to check for airborne spores, they are microscopic. Mold in our newer house was invisible, and had no smell but when mold breathes out it toxins on a level and scale that is scary.

You can create a safe room, as a test,
get a Aroma pro diffuser put thieves oil in it, and let it mist for 24/7 this encapsulates and digest the spores you can even make your own diffuser watch on youtube. RX Mold book has more info .

There is a lot more to Chinese Medicine than we even know, I saw a yourube vidoe with Greg Braden medicineless hospital in China where they cured stage four cancer in four minutes!!! So, that make you stand back go okay if they can do that why can we. Anyhow, Chinese Medicine and acupuncture which is oldest and biggest form of medicine in the world and is just coming more popular and noted in the U.S. Check out this
doctors testimonial go to the site and click on his name and he will tell you his story it is about five or ten minutes
I just heard about this doctor and when I heard his story I was amazed

Now, here is my theory, bring on the heat ( sauna, infrared light)and it will kill an infection or bring it to the surface .Heat makes poisons rise to the or it kills it. Now if the body runs subnormal in temperature then it can't kill infections as effectively. Some people take yarrow or mistletoe injections to induce a fever, the reason is because if your body is not able to reach a high enough fever to kill the infection well it just lingers,spreads so turn up the heat. The Native American understood this very well and used it for killing infection. In EU, especially Germany they put the body in high fever state, and put ice on your brain. It is very interesting.

Sauna for infection is deep in the sinus the heating up the body daily will reach it ..not one of silly infrared light ones that is a joke a real sauna with rocks you pour water on. Stay well hydrated

I use an infrared, light lamp to shine on my forehead. Look up Dr. Wilson work on this, absolutely fascinating

Could it be dental? My friend had migraines began to do research found the metal in your mouth could be the cause, she had all the metal removed , migraines disappeared.

I think sometime we have hidden infections that CAT scans, MRI, high resolution CAT micro-magnification will not show an infection.

Alkalize two or three times a day and see after a couple weeks see if that does not help . It will certainly change the terrain from acid to alkaline, which creates a terrain where some sort of infections die

Get checked for nutrient, and micro-nutrient deficiencies. Do research on what vitamin deficiencies cause headaches migraine, also hormones can be a cause as well. If your MD will not do it then consider, ND.

A family member is a surgeon, 50% of his cases are fixing botched surgeries from other doctors. If surgery is the last resort find the best ENT the chief of department at the medical university or the highest rated ENT in town. Someone, that is gentle, and compassionate

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