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Re: Help with Diabetes Parasites
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Help with Diabetes Parasites

Hi there!

It sounds like you're doing an excellent support regime, and I'm really glad you're tolerating the P&B Colon Cleanse really well.

I lean more heavily on the herbs than the vitamins (the MSM, b-vits, etc), except for the thyroid extract (I use RAW thyroid extract, from Natural Sources).

The straight up vitamins like b-complex and such can feed biofilms, which is why the Bowel Cleanse is so important- I use the vits where I feel I need them, if I've got brainfog too thick.

These supplements help sink bloodsugars:
vItamin C ascorbic acid powder, 2-3 times a day (dreely, as you feel you want it)
benfothiamine 100-300mg with each meal
magnesium chloride spritz spray on the belly, best way to get magnesium in besides constant dark green salads (iceberg lettuce is for potassium, not magnesium, you need the chlorophyll-rich foods!)
Olive leaf extract 2-4 times a day, with plenty of water.

Rising basal bloodsugars to me says the mineral resources in the body are getting imbalanced by the material from the dental work,
Some folk have conquered that with healthy eating and regrown the teeth, the cholorphyll-rich foods, again, are your best friends
Be careful of MSM with a history of metallic/amalgams, it is a powerful antioxidant and can release a lot of material from tissues, I'd suggest tiny doses (like 10-40 mg instead of 1500mg like some of the tablets) to test reactions

There are several master cleanses listed on the web, the one I know best is the lemon-water (fresh-pressed lemnn, water, maple syrup, sometimes added cayenne pepper) fasting for 30 days

Fasting is a wonderful tool, and yes, it's quite safe to fast, given you reserve time to rest your body and don't make huge plans with lots of responcibilities on your shoulders while you're at it. Fresh-pressed orange juice is a simpler fast to undergo and can help keep the BGs on the level, but we're talking about 10+ day fasts, not hours.

I can otherwise reccomend trying raw green/fruit and veg diet only, a whole week on it, to see how you feel and function.

With self treatments it's always a dance to see how and what benefits your body, and taking learning steps

Olive-leaf extract (no more than 6% oleuropein ratio, (aka, 6% or lower) ) is one of the very best herbs to use alongside your zapper, use it plenty. Higher ratios remove too much of the helper-nutrients from the solution made from the leaf.

Of the herbs I've noticed having the heaviest bloodsugar-dropping effect are goutweed (It's eaten like spinach) and valerian, if you take one after the other, there can come several hours of the body burning that insulin like crazy

Docs are certainly happy to discuss and explain thyroid supplementation, though reply most heavily on bloodtests before taking action.
I will most certainly suggest the thyroid extract capsules, that one would be my TOP reccommendation to try first

On P&B shakes your bloodsugars CAN be effected by the Bentonite pulling in minerals on progress through the digestive tract, there the transdermal magnesium (magnesium chloride) and Seasalt bath soaks are highly reccommended. The electrolyte minerals (magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, sulfur (in the benfothiamine/MSM group), etc) balances have everything to do with how well insulin passes in and out of the cells.

Oregano oil is highly antibiotic- some folk take it a lot.
Try some time off it and keep the probiotic intake up, especially apples, if you can ferment apple cider vinegar, that's the best probiotic I know, on the same level as kimchi and saurkraut. Probiotics, especially the ones that live off of resistant fiber/starches, are the ones that produce butyrate and tighten up the gut wall.

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