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Re: Multiple Symptoms/Issues - Advice?
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Multiple Symptoms/Issues - Advice?

I'm sorry to hear about your difficult situation.

Do I understand correctly that you only had TSH thyroid test. A Cutler warns that TSH is not adequate when heavy metals (HMs) are involved. HMs affect the pituitary and TSH is a pituitary hormone.

Furthermore selenium and zinc are involved in conversion of thyroid hormone T4 to the more active T3. HMs affect zinc and selenium(Se)--more on that if requested.

Se was a magic pill for me for energy, motivation and warmer hands. It was certainly not a fix-all. I had a HM toxicity problem. Most people in detox groups don't report the degree of benefit that I got from Se but some do.

Temperature testing. It is not fool proof but you are looking for leads, especially in light of the cost of various medical tests.

4x saliva cortisol on a day that you are fatigued, not on a day you are amped up with stress! So for you it might be Saturday after a stressful week. Adrenals are vulnerable to HMs but in light of your sex hormone levels I don't expect this to be the only factor.

Your chiropractor may want to reanalyze the sex hormone panel. For example High normal testosterone with low normal estrogen might be a clue--more if requested.

Rule of thumb is to start to treat adrenal cortex before thyroid. Some have reported that they actually had more fatigue when support for thyroid put additional stress on weak adrenals. Iodine and Se are support for thyroid.

Very sickly people due to HMs will often have lower levels of HM toxins in tests than healthy people. We don't get rid of the HMs. It is a retention toxicity. Mercury (Hg) damages the body's detox system so other toxins build up.

My predetox hair, provoked urine and urine porphryns test were all negative. The hair test was just a little suspicious for lead and cadmium. Those two were along the high red/yellow border on followup hair tests during detox. Your symptoms seem more consistent with mercury(Hg).

Symptom lists of people who reported gains from HM detox will not be unfamiliar to you. There are >1000 hair tests plus symptom lists at this site used by detox group members.

Example of two people who got major improvements with HM detox.

I think this guy was a geeky professor before he got sick so he likes lists with % : ) However you'll recognize the list. He thinks he had a combination of toxins including Hg lead, cadmium, arsenic, etc from growing up on an orchard.

Rita's list is a more typical list for a Hg toxic middle aged female.

I'm not saying HMs are your only problem nor am I discouraging you from taking appropriate medications, supplements or making dietary and lifestyle changes. Detox typically take many months or years.

There are any number of detox methods. I strongly recommend that you do your homework before jumping in. I chose Cutler for its low doses and conservative approach. I was still employable and did not want to risk a setback.

For example, doctors want test results before proceeding, but the test can be worse than the illness for some people!

I also suggest that you not take any detox related supplements before stabilizing your fatigue problem. Kicking up HMs during detox may make the fatigue worse before it makes it better.

If you take anything from this message, it should be HOPE! Continue to look for better answers.



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