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Re: I'm sensitive to 100% of the foods and I'm starving myself for 10 months so far.
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: I'm sensitive to 100% of the foods and I'm starving myself for 10 months so far.

I did not get along well with NAC but L-cysteine was much less of a problem. It might still cause some problems with mercury but I do not have any experience with dealing with mercury. There is probably some with mercury fillings etc but nothing which I really notice and I do take L-cysteine each day and leave NAC only for tackling biofilms. I do have some doubts about NAC's effectiveness with the biofilms that I am dealing with because it did very little without using essential oils. BTW I got my L-cysteine from APCPure and they have a VAT free weekend until the end of sunday now. The code is on the homepage. It might be worth looking to see if there is anything of use to you with 20% off.

Those two essential oil formulas BFB-1 & BFB-2 contain multiple essential oils and only some are QSI. I have not used them but have some of the essential oils which I purchased long ago. Recently I realised that only some are active against the biofilms due to different Quorum Sensing after I altered the essential oils that I used when making an attempt on the biofilms. Some attempts have affected different areas and some had no noticeable effect. Those two formulas have both QS and antimicrobial effects so you might be able to get just the single essential oils which correspond to Candida QS and not have so much die off. I do have many of the individual essential oils in those 2 formulas so I did not purchase them. I will see how I get on the next time I make an attempt but ATM I need a few other things like an ultrasonic cleaner which is holding things up ATM.

Another thing I forgot to mention is Cinnamon essential oil and Cassia essential oil which can have very strong antimicrobial effects, even against biofilm protected organisms. I did read some research on pubmed about these oils against some Antibiotic resistant bacteria inside biofilms. I want to find a small amount of this to combine with the other essential oils as another thing against them. They must die because that is the only way to reduce my digestive permeability. I did have some success at the end of last year using reduced Colloidal Silver which reinforced my belief that the stomach is crucial in hyper permeability and is what is needed to end my problems.

Can you not use Interfase+ or biofilm defense? Some short term pain might be worth it if you can get your stomach working correctly because that is almost certain to be what is creating many of your problems if candida is sharing the biofilm with the bacteria. Only by removing the source from where they are spreading will you have any hope of beating them. As I have said, most people are so focused on Candida that they fail to address the source of where it all spreads from and the bacteria which maintain it which are highly Antibiotic resistant.

Did you try testing your stomach acid levels? Either by professional testing or at home? I think this is important because when food is not broken down correctly, it provides the sugars that unwanted inhabitants like candida can use. If the sugars are broken down quickly and absorbed in the small intestine the colon does not get the sugars which adversely affect the microbiome. An altered microbiome happens for a reason, a reason most people fail to address.

Essential amino acids might be very helpful to you, myprotein sells a complete formula of these but people have complained about it tasting absolutely awful. lmao that might not bother you. I cannot say of all the aminos that I have tried, none that I have in that formula did not bother me. ATM I do not have histidine which I need and Tryptophan but I have the rest.

BTW Myprotein and many bodybuilding type sites have frequent discounts available. Some of the discounts are better than others @Myprotein. 30% is fairly common with 1/3 off being good for smaller orders and 35% with over £70 if you can afford that much. It's crap ATM with only 25% off.

TradeIngredients sells some stuff but discounts are fairly rare.

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