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Re: Tiny worms coming out of pores in skin
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Tiny worms coming out of pores in skin

My best friend and I recently discovered we have parasites, home and COMING OUT OF EVERY PART OF US!!!. We have been getting better by drinking apple cider vinegar 2-as many times as we want a day. Spraying our entire body with a mixture of WATER AND VINEGAR mixed with TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL, PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL & EUCALYPTUS ESSENTIAL OIL ALL OVER OUR BODIES ALL DAY!! Cleaning the house with it! LIKE CRAZY PEOPLE!! go to the dollar store and get a lot of spray bottles. Spraying the house EVERYWHERE AND A LOT with it! Spray then wipe then spray and let it sit there until you clean and wipe there again (very soon)..REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT! CLEAN & SPRAY EVERYWHERE!! UNDER LEDGES, DOOR HANDLES, EVERYWHERE YOU NEVER DO!!..SOAK TOWELS WITH MIXTURE AND LAY THEM IN FRONT OF ALL ROOMS. WIPE YOUR FEET EVERY TIME YOU GO IN AND OUT TO HELP WITH CROSS CONTAMINATION! ALWAYS WHERE SHOES!!!!!!!!! When spraying can feel them coming out of your pores.. for me it stings. When I first realized I was infested it stung pretty darn good the first day I sprayed myself with the mixture but by the second day the stinging was better . You go quickly from not totally infested to INFESTED! (this is when you really start to notice something is very wrong) I have been using essential oils on my face to fight anti aging and acne (works FANTASTIC!!) for two years and never had my skin sting like this before using oils on my face until I became infested. this is a new thing for me and now that I am full aware what a BED BUG is..I do feel that all humans have a "amount of these in the their bodies.. its only when you become infested with them that you start to notice them. I believe that most people don't want this to be true or they just don't know. I also believe that big pharma doesn't want the masses to know to much so they down play this problem for reasons like money or mass chaos. Most aliments are probably due to these f***ers and we are told it is something else OR that their not sure OR they give you a chemical to cure you which only works for awhile until they return to your body in enough numbers that you feel their effects. OR TILL THEY INFEST YOUR BODY AND YOU ARE AWARE OF THEM CRAWLING ALL OVER YOU!! We are told Don't let the bed bugs bite" HA! WHAT AN UNDERSTATEMENT!! My best friend and I are in our forties and never knew the real deal with these bugs! Our friends and family think we are crazy! Well I assure you we are not! I am unsure if we can completely get them out of our bodies but we are going to try FOREVER!! I believe the amount you have in you determines how bad you feel. MY best friend and I have been feeling bad for quite sometime and nothing we did worked to feel better! NOW WE ARE FEELING BETTER! The acne (which along with many if not all skin problems) are also caused by parasites. The acne I had on my face cleared 2 years ago after I started using them on my face but I wasn't using them enough to get rid of the parasites in my body. Then I became INFESTED and became really aware of these f***ers!!! NATURE TAKES CARE OF NATURE!!! USE ESSENTIAL OILS!!!!.. TEE TREE OIL and VINEGAR ARE THE HOLY GRAILS FOR KILLING AND KEEPING THEM OUT OF YOUR BODY AND HOUSE!! ALSO DRINK APPLE CIDER VINEGAR WITH THE "MOTHER" EVERY DAY! TO KEEP THEM OUT OF YOU!! KEEP DOING ALL THE ABOVE FOREVER TO KEEP THEM GONE...Right now we are constantly spraying our day we will only have to spray once or twice a day to keep them away. After awhile less cleaning will have to be done but never quit entirely! SHOWER DAILY AND EXFOLIATE YOUR WHOLE BODY TWICE A WEEK.. USING BAKING SODA WATER & TEE TREE ESSENTIAL OIL.. WASH ALL CLOTHES (we will do this forever) with 25 DROPS OF TEE TREE ESSENTIAL OIL or EUCALYPTUS ESSENTIAL OIL added to each load.. CHANGE YOUR SHEETS AT LEAST TWICE A WEEK AND DON'T SLEEP ON OLD PILLOWS AND MATTRESSES!! (RECIPES FOR ALL MIXES BELOW. ALSO LAYING IN THE HOT SUN FOR 10 TO 20 MINUTES WHEN YOU CAN ALSO HELPS. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!! Farrel from Texas I NOW BELIEVE ALL PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE PARASITE AWARENESS AND TAKE THIS SHIT SERIOUSLY!!! BODY AND HOUSE SPRAY 1 CUP WATER 1 CUP VINEGAR 25 DROPS TEE TREE OIL 7 DROPS PEPPERMINT BAKING SODA MICRODEM BODY EXFOLIATION PASTE. Natures microderm!! 4 TABL SPOONS WATER 5 TSP BAKING SODA 2 DROPS TEE TREE OIL.. (make another batch or dbl or triple ect.. this one depending on your needs. this paste works best when there is slightly less baking soda than water. Do this all over your body to get their dead bodies and fecal matter off of you. do once a week for the rest of your life! Don't go in the sun the next day. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR DRINK 2 TBLS SPOONS-1/2 A CUP mixed with 3-5 times amount water. DRINK THIS AS MANY TIMES A DAY AS YOU WISH! THE MORE THE BETTER! GOOGLE WHAT OTHER BENEFITS APPLE CIDER VINEGAR & ESSENTIAL OILS HAVE FOR YOUR HEALTH!!

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