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Me and my 30 day water fast w/ MCT Oil
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Published: 5 years ago

Me and my 30 day water fast w/ MCT Oil

Hey everyone 👍

I've read some great info here so I thought I'd contribute my experience so far.

Background - always struggled with my weight, yoyoing through life. 3 years ago I watched FSAND and was so motivated I carried out a 60 day fast, lost 6.5 stone and felt the best I ever have. Bad habits (binge eating) crept in over time and I put half the weight back on. I juiced again, but couldn't see myself drinking the mean green for that length of time once more then doubt crept in and habits 😂. I dabbled with a Keto diet last year with good success but I failed hard one time and it all went down hill from there. I believe I have made myself very sensitive to wheat/gluten not only because of how addictive I find it but because of the very obvious inflammation it causes me. So...

My Plan - Water Fast for 30 days & supplement with MCT Oil (Waldo Health c8 & c10) for working out. I'm drinking Evian & Nestle pure life, I also have a Britta water filter for tap water but the quality here is below average so it's rarely used.

I'm 6 days in and it has been tough. I didn't prep at all for this. One day I watched a doc on it, did some research, got mega motivated and decided to go for it! Given my previous experience I thought I would be ok. I have definitely paid the price for that type of thinking lol! So here's my feelings so far:

Day1. Hungry, I know this feeling. Water will get boring drank 4.5l walked 3miles

Day2. Even more hungry, had a big poo, surely there can't be anything left in me lol drank 4l - walked 6 miles

Day3. Not hungry, but stomach is feeling sick. No energy, had a cap full (~8ml) of MCT oil in the morning, sharted brown liquid in my shorts not long after and laughed my ass off for a while. Got cleaned up and made a mental note to be careful with the MCT oil. Drank 3.5l - Walked 6 miles

Day 4. Slept 3 hours 😴 Tired all day, scared of MCT oil. Stomach still sick. BUT MAAAAN, I was WIRED, heart pounding like I had drank 10 expresso's. Wasn't looking forward to night time. Drank 5ish litres - walked 3 miles.

Day5. Day off work. Slept 2 hours, might have gone in and out of consciousness a few times but I really don't remember. Stayed in bed pretty much all day, wired, made $200,000 GTA Online 😂 Still sick in my belly, not wanting to drink water but it was so hot, I did. Stood up quick out of bed and omg dizzy as f***. Had a cap of MCT oil, making sure I was wearing my old shorts but, managed to keep it down. Snoozed for 20mins here and there and wasn't dizzy when I stood up. Watched GoT S7 E1 at 2am 🤓 Slept four hours. Drank 3l

Day6. WIRRREDD, back to work. Belly really sick, feeling tired and grumpy. Everyone at work starts to notice the weight loss in my face and for some reason are really annoying me, I'm getting techy and putting the world to rights. By lunch time I go home with the plan to chill the f*** out. Had a cap of MCT and a litre of Britta water as it's all I had cold. Brushed my teeth and the white shit from my tongue, 5 mins later I threw up like a mf. Did feel good though. Went back to work with a skip in my step and the rest of the day was cool. Came home felt a big rumble in my gut and I was scared it was more than air, I braved it though and it was the biggest fart I had done in days. Gave me the thought that something was due out :). Felt some more movement, ran upstairs to the toilet, got real dizzy lol. Sat down and gave birth to 4 or 5 malteaser size poops and a little water and lots of bubbles for a couple of mins :) 1 hour later, all my symptoms have gone, I feel great all over, glowing almost and am chillin on my bed writing this.

Sorry if I'm a bit crude, that's just me. If you guys have any advice or questions even, please comment 👍 I'll update on here as I can, I'm extremely confident in myself right now, especially after writing this :)


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