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Re: I'm sensitive to 100% of the foods and I'm starving myself for 10 months so far.
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: I'm sensitive to 100% of the foods and I'm starving myself for 10 months so far.

There are 9 essential amino acids required by adults which the body cannot produce. BCAA is only 3 of those. Arginine is not essential to adults but having a little should help as it is in most protein.

Amino acid weight should be lower than that 50g IMO. That 50g includes a much small quantity of the essential amino acids, things like Glutamine and other semi essential amino acids take up quite large percentages of that weight. I would estimate that around 20-30g would be more than sufficient for the essential aminos, especially if you also include as many of the semi/conditionally essential amino acids that you can.

Glutamine will not help leaky gut, it is always recommended but it does not solve it, that I can guarantee 100%. It can be used to produce the important Glutathione but cysteine/methionine which you said that you could not take and Glycine is also required. Glutamine tends to be sedating whereas glutamic acid tends to be more stimulating when it converts to glutamate which is okay in small doses especially if tiredness/drowsiness is a problem.

Essential aminos: BCAA, Threonine, Tryptophan, Histidine which might help sexual function but can also increase histamine which you probably have high amounts of. Lysine which can have some antiviral effects and is used to produce collagen, Phenylalanine and methionine/cysteine which is a problem for you. Try and get as many of these that you can and weigh them with a mg scale to get an idea of the quantities. Adjust quantities as required/needed.

It might be worth taking the conditionally essential amino acids too, your already taking some arginine, glutamine, proline is helpful for collagen production, glycine needed for glutathione production and also helpful for collagen/healing and Tyrosine which is helpful to the thyroid gland. the liver can produce these but if your liver is working hard trying to detox/eliminate everything that is entering your body and doing without glutathione then reducing the workload by taking the conditionally essential aminos might be helpful so that your liver does not have to make them. It should also lower the requirement for the essential aminos to some degree.

Some amino acids are stimulating on the CNS and others tend to be more sedating or have CNS inhibiting effects such as Tryptophan and Glycine, Glutamine and Threonine in my experience.

It might be worth you getting an ELISA blood test for Pylori because it might be more reliable. Do not assume that you have Pylori because there are other bacteria which can produce very similar effects which cannot currently be detected by any test. They are both gram negative and gram positive and are far more resistant than pylori. Your hypochlorhydria could very well be a result of one or more of these bacteria. You could take a look at your irises and see if they show any radii solaris markings. For very large infections they can produce a marking in the iris as they do in me.

These can be extremely difficult to destroy and they are resistant to all Antibiotic treatments including triple therapy for h. pylori. Chances are that your candida is seeding from a gram negative bacterial biofilm which they can share and work together. Destroying the biofilm/bacteria would make eliminating candida considerably easier and would restore your normal digestive function and dramatically improve your health. It would also stop your reactions to food. Be aware that each area of the stomach has an effect in other areas of the digestive system via the vagus nerve. An attack against an area of the stomach has a knock on effect to later areas of the digestive system. This heals and the normal digestive mucosa is restored within minutes of destroying the infection in the stomach. When this is done, normal stomach acid can be restored and food breakdown improves. This then helps prevent microorganisms further down the digestive track getting simple sugars that they can feed on. It also puts up the defences against other unwanted organisms entering the stomach because the stomach will defend itself against unwanted intruders by producing quick bursts of acid to destroy them. I have noticed this because my stomach occasionally produces acid and a very noticeable degree of wind/burp when eating vegetables which require no acid for digestion. It's rare but noticeable when it happens. Chances are that my stomach was unable to defend itself because of the acid suppression because they were not exposed to acid for long enough.

Candida would feed on nutrients entering your stomach and reproduce within the biofilm and when the numbers increase to a threshold, they will use quorum sensing chemical messages to signal to spread from the biofilm to infect other areas of your body. Therefore destroying these biofilms will stop them from spreading but it might not totally stop any that are in other areas of your digestive system which would have to be tackled at some point. Restoring your normal digestive mucosa will stop your reaction to foods and the burden on your liver and should make you feel better. Then rebuilding and resolving the other issues should be easier.

See how you go with the aminos and find out whether that is helpful before proceeding but I do think that you will need to resolve the stomach problem before things can really improve.

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