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rod class & the "private attorney geberal hoax" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Published: 5 years ago
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rod class & the "private attorney geberal hoax" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


THE HOAX: Rod Class falsely claims to be a "Private Attorney General" ("PAG") and that as such, he is EXTREMELY powerful, EXTREMELY important and that he represents an EXTREME threat to government agencies and officials in that imaginary capacity. But, none of this is so.

BACKGROUND: The terms “attorney”, “attorney general”, “judge” and “prosecutor” are all "professional titles" for highly-educated, legal experts in powerful and important public positions. Class wanted to be what these people were. So, he created an appropriate TITLE, COSTUME, VEHICLE and some imaginary POWERS to help him in this regard. For his title, Class picked the term, "PAG" because this term actually appears in the case law (only) and because it would help create the IMAGE he wanted.

Class falsely claims that: 1). the term, PAG, is a professional title for a non-attorney who is authorized to practice law without a license; 2). the purpose of the PAG is to “do accountability” against our ELECTED representatives and their appointees for doing their jobs; and that 3). his authority as a PAG comes from "Congress" (two federal CIVIL RIGHTS statutes). But, none of this is so.

1). The term, PAG is NOT a professional title.

2). The purpose of a PAG is NOT to "do accountability" against our ELECTED representatives and their appointees for doing their jobs.

3). Class has NO authority from Congress. Congress has NO POWER to authorize any person (including Class) to practice law. Const., Art. 1, Sec. 8 (listing ALL POWERS of Congress). (Note that the power to authorize a person to practice law IS NOT ON THE LIST). Under the tenth amendment, ONLY THE STATES have that power. .

4). As used in connection with the two federal CIVIL RIGHTS statutes upon which Class relies (and herein), the concept of a PAG relates SOLELY to providing PAYMENT to attorneys who WIN cases for CIVIL RIGHTS VICTIMS.

5). What a REAL PAG looks like.

6). What a FAKE PAG looks like.*

7). DEFINITION: A PAG is the actual CLIENT of an attorney who has already WON a federal civil rights lawsuit. Such a PAG must have been the actual VICTIM of the federal civil rights violation and must have been the actual PLAINTIFF in the federal civil rights case. A PAG has NO powers, NO authority and NO importance that any other CLIENT does not have.

8). The subject federal civil rights statutes (and the statutes they refer to) only do two things: a). they permit the actual VICTIM of the federal civil rights violation TO SUE the violator in federal court; and b). they permit the federal judge TO AWARD ATTORNEYS FEES to pay the winning side's attorney. There is nothing in either of the two federal civil rights statutes that authorizes a non-attorney to practice law without a license or to use the term, PAG as if it were a professional title. (See section (b)) (See Section 204(b))

9). An attorney IS an attorney IN EVERY sense of the word. But, a PAG IS NOT an attorney IN ANY sense of the word. An attorney represents a party in court. But, a PAG IS A PARTY IN COURT. An attorney represents a client in court. But, A PAG IS A CLIENT IN COURT. An attorney acts on behalf of people WHO ARE IN COURT. But, a PAG acts ONLY on his own behalf and ONLY on behalf of people WHO ARE OUT OF COURT. A person’s status as an attorney CONTINUES AFTER THE CASE. But, a person’s status as a PAG ENDS WITH THE CASE. The term, "attorney" refers to a LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE. But, the term, "PAG" refers to a CLIENT.

10). ORIGIN: A REAL governmental "Attorney General" WINS civil rights lawsuits which benefits society as a whole. Likewise, an ordinary CLIENT who WINS civil rights lawsuits does the same. Noting the similarity IN FUNCTION between such litigants, federal courts began jokingly referring to such winning civil rights CLIENTS as PAG's. The federal courts still use this term to remind the parties that a such a CLIENT has rendered a public service and is, therefore, statutorily eligible for an award of attorney fees to pay his/her attorney.

11). EFFECT: Thus, in using the term, “PAG”, the federal courts: 1). were NOT elevating non-attorneys to the professional level of real attorneys or real attorneys general; 2). were NOT recognizing a special class of FAKE "attorneys" who were somehow authorized to practice law without a license; and 3). were NOT creating a professional title for non-attorneys (like Class) to use.

CONCLUSION: Rod Class is not a PAG. He doesn’t even know the meaning of the term.

Note: Not a single case below has anything to do with "doing accountability" against a government agency or official.


2). CLASS NOT A PAG: (READ FOOTNOTE 8, INCLUDING ITS FINAL SENTENCE),+he+cannot+prosecute+a+claim+on+behalf+of%22+Rodney+DALE+class+%22private+attorney+general%22&hl=en&as_sdt=40006 . (See Ruling 35.).

Note: More Class LOSSES with identical rulings on (which will not allow our links).

3). OTHER FAKE PAG's: . Cites to Class' LOSS in Pertuset above as authority. . Same FAKE PAG who stars in video below.

VIDEOS: (another FAKE PAG goes to jail) (CLASS describing his imaginary powers as a PAG)

VEHICLES: (Go to video FIRST. Then, go to :05-:20 & :30-:45).



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