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rod class & the "debra jones hoax" & the "judge dale hoax"
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Published: 5 years ago
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rod class & the "debra jones hoax" & the "judge dale hoax"

***ALL NEW***ROD CLASS, THE "DEBRA JONES HOAX" & THE "JUDGE DALE HOAX" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FIRST, SEE LINKS HERE: . (Click on Episode 869 dated 07-08-2014.).

Class is a functionally-illiterate amateur legal theorist with barely a high school education, a history of PSYCHIATRIC PROBLEMS and a record of LOSING EVERY SINGLE ADMINISTRATIVE AND JUDICIAL CASE IN WHICH HE HAS EVER BEEN INVOLVED (MORE THAN 73 CONSECUTIVE LOSSES IN A ROW AND STILL COUNTING). In addition, Class is a TWICE-CONVICTED, weapons-related, CONVICTED FELON (possessing in his car an illegally-sawed-off, fully-loaded, Springfield shotgun, two night sticks outfitted with concealed razor blades, one fully-loaded rifle, three fully-loaded handguns, one of which was illegally unsecured and positioned between the front seats for quick and easy access, several hundred more rounds of ammunition for all four firearms on-board, one large machete on the driver’s side door for easy access, fourteen large knives and daggers of varying size and lethal effect, one illegal spring-deployed switch blade knife, three axes of various sizes and packages of concealed razor-type blades found beneath his clothing when frisked, etc.).

But, more importantly, Class is a NOTORIOUS PROFESSIONAL HOAXER AND CHARLATAN who is behind the “Judge DALE Hoax”, the” BOMBSHELL: FOURTH Administrative Ruling Hoax”, the “Property Into Other People’s Names Hoax”, the “Court Registry Investment System Hoax” and numerous other legal hoaxes, all of which he uses to “TRICK” his own followers into believing his intentionally false claims about the law and the legal system.

Class has his own internet radio show on AIB Talkshoe Radio (which broadcasts a pre-recorded "CONFERENCE CALL"). On this show, Class makes intentionally FALSE and FRAUDULENT claims about the law and the legal system to incite hatred and violence against the ELECTED representatives of "We The People" and their appointees. On his show, Class advocates suing these people and their agencies for doing their jobs. For jurisdictional reasons, Class recommends suing them in administrative court using the "ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS". .

On July 8, 2014, in Episode 869, Class purported to bring in a "LEGAL INSIDER" as a guest on his radio show and introduced her as "former attorney" and "former law enforcement officer", "Debra Jones’’. (See links at very top.).

Not surprisingly, during this 2 hour 43 minute show, Jones made the same utterly delusional claims about the law and the legal system that Class himself makes. But, Jones also claimed that: 1). as a “former police woman”, she and her fellow officers did nothing but intentionally break the law to harm the public; and that 2). as a “former attorney”, she, the judges, the prosecutors and her fellow attorneys did nothing but intentionally break the law to harm the public. (See links at very top.).

Class’ radio audience was understandably SHOCKED and HORRIFIED by the claims of Jones whom they genuinely believed was a REAL "legal insider" who was actually telling them the TRUTH. This radio show became an internet sensation, much to the delight of Class and Jones (because it successfully incited the hatred and violence that is was intended to incite).

There was only one problem. THE WHOLE THING WAS ONE BIG HOAX. Before putting her on his internet radio show, Class already knew that Jones WAS NOT a “legal insider”, WAS NOT a "former attorney" and WAS NOT a "former law enforcement officer". In fact, Class already knew that Jones was EVERY BIT THE FRAUD AND CHARLATAN THAT HE WAS.

1. Jones’ REAL name is "Debra Jenks Jones";
2. Jones is 50 years old;
3. Jones lives in Puyallup, Pierce County, Washington State. This is why many of her seminars are conveniently held in nearby Yelp, Washington State;
4. Jones HAS NEVER HAD a professional license of ANY TYPE from ANY STATE (which means that she was NEVER an attorney). This is why Jones will not reveal the name of the law school that she allegedly attended or the state(s) that allegedly issued her a law license;
5. Jones was NEVER a "law enforcement officer". This is why Jones will not reveal the name and location of the law enforcement agency/ies at which she was allegedly so employed;
6. Jones STILL solicits and collects money from her victims for seminars by FRAUDULENTLY claiming to be a "former police officer" and a former "police woman".

It is a STATE crime to impersonate an "attorney" or a "law enforcement officer”. It is a FEDERAL FELONY to use a "means of interstate commerce" (like the internet) to commit fraud (like soliciting money for seminars by fraudulently claiming to be a "former attorney", "former police officer" or by fraudulently claiming to be "Private Attorney General" who can "train" others to become the same). Victims who have paid for such seminars may recover THREE TIMES their money back under FEDERAL RICO.

Rodney "DALE" Class and two other NOTORIOUS PROFESSIONAL HOAXERS AND CHARLATANS distributed FAKE legal books online that revealed FAKE legal information WHICH THEY THEMSELVES ACTUALLY CREATED, but which they fraudulently told the American people were written by a FAKE “retired federal judge” named, “Judge DALE” (which uses Rodney DALE Class’ middle name, “DALE”, as an inside joke). The “Judge DALE forgeries” include: “The Matrix And the US Constitution” (2010), “The Great American Adventure: Secrets Of America” (2012) and “Lawfully Yours” (2014). Most of the other “Judge DALE” articles posted online are mere re-prints of section five of “The Great American Adventure” under different names (“Legal Advice From A Retired Federal Judge Turned Whistle Blower”, “Retired Federal Judge Spills The Beans”, etc.). In the “Judge DALE Forgeries”, Rodney "DALE" Class confirmed his own delusional claims about the law and the legal system while FRAUDULENTLY pretending to be "Judge DALE". Like all of Rod Class’ claims about the law and the legal system, his claims in the “Judge DALE forgeries” were also designed and intended to incite hatred and violence against the ELECTED representatives of "We the People" and their appointees. As hard as it is to believe, Class’ two co-conspirators in this hoax still peddle all three of the “Judge DALE forgeries” from their own personal websites DESPITE THAT EVERYONE KNOWS THEY ARE ENTIRELY FAKE. .
And, speaking of "MATRIX" hoaxes, for more "MATRIX" hoaxes by the very same charlatans involved here, go to: (Go to this video FIRST. Then, go to :30-:45 for an ACTUAL PHOTO of THE REAL "Judge DALE" inside the "MATRIX");; ; ;



CLASS' CO-CONSPIRATORS CAUGHT ON TAPE WHILE ACTUALLY ENGAGED IN THE THE "JUDGE DALE HOAX". (Jeff Rense is NOT involved in the hoax.). Go to the following videos FIRST. Then, go to the times indicated below. They are the exact times of the hoax documented therein. (Go to this video FIRST, then go to 2:25-11:35) (Same as above. 42:10-49:15) (Same. 3:50-4:30 & 7:15-56:00) (Same. 34:20-36:30) (Same. 1:30-1:45)

Class’ co-conspirators in the “Judge DALE Hoax” are the same two charlatans who assisted Class in ALL OF THE “LEGAL” HOAXES DESCRIBED ABOVE (in the second paragraph). These two charlatans are also behind the “NASA War Document Hoax” and the “Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars Hoax”. For more on these hoaxes, read the comments by snoop4truth posted below the following videos.

Snoop4truth did not expose these two hoaxes to harm Rod Class or Debra Jones. Instead, Snoop4truth exposed these two hoaxes solely to reduce the catastrophic damage that such INTENTIONAL FRAUD inflicts upon the American people every single day.

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