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Re: Myiasis, Morgellons, Lymes, & Parasitic Skin Infections: Symptoms, Life Cycles, & Treatment
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Myiasis, Morgellons, Lymes, & Parasitic Skin Infections: Symptoms, Life Cycles, & Treatment

I know I have morgellons aka fly myasis this is working on my 3rd yr. I use to be a cosmetologist did this for 10 yes I loved my job the money was awesome above all I loved me! My hygiene was top notch I took great care of myself I was/am a clean freak ocd I'm ADHD as well as a perfectionist. Myself my house my kids had to look better than good walkn out the door I worked for the public small town public eye I built a name for myself then suddenly one day getting read to take my son to soccer practice I started itching I noticed it earlier that day at the salon it gardually got worse I went out side to smoke the sun made it worse I hauled tale home got in the tub omg bugs it was bugs so freakn many of them coming out of my skin I was n the tub changing my water out none stop putting peroxide in laundry detergent baking soda salt nothing everything the bugs were consistent. 3 hrs later of course I ran to my parents house my dad comes n I'm n there bathroom n says what r u doing I'm crying I got bugs! He laughs he don't c nothing so I look crazy. I go home. Find out we have bed bugs n mites I panic I've never had lice I'm thinking this is all BC I went to a thrift shop. Really I have no clue but it was awful I put a company ban on our plan. It went from me leaving work having bugs to our place havingmites n bed bugs NEXT we have scabies.. .. I'm panicking here cuz I'm having to go show face n the hospital n town n myself n family have scabies... Of course we get the cream use and my bf and kids get better myself I got worse my scalp was bad infected I was living in the bathroom washing my head nonstop BC I had something coming from all the pores of my scalp n going into the pores of my face when I got in a shower bugs came out of my skin crazy when this first started I was so scared of showers BC of the bugs n some were big. I went to a dermatologist she did scraping samples like paid cash for all 10 visits plus made her do extra test n NY brother went n the em w her to b sure she did the test correctly so this is what I know these bugs they will have our DNA everything about them is the same as us we the host we raised them nourish them house them as well as how small these things are. Then the other key factor is this the layers of skin on the scalp how many layers of skin is on ur scalp? What r the functions? OK if I was a parasite n I needed a place to live safely where I could be protected from just about any and everything that could b done but yet still be close enough to the dermis layer for air... The hair follicle! The primitive hair germ.... But its taken me 3 yes to get to this point. What else I can tell u is toothpaste affects it. Tea tree oil every day apply 3x a day for the itch factor. Wash bedding everyday. Air filters keep clean this stuff is not ex to get rid of its expensive maintenance but u have to fix itself BC drs only fix what they c out of sight out of mind. This is ur body ur parasites ur affected all u can do is never give up n research everything u can knowledge is power if u give up tryn u give up on itself the thing is we feel it n it feels 100x bigger than what it is trust me I know I'm just now making myself get out the house on pretty days if its raining or humidity not happening BC it affects my bugs crazy but true one day I'll b better gotta keep faith believe in itself n know it'll happen patients all things happen at the time its meant to God has his reasoning for everything whether we like it or not it could even b to teach us how to b humble.... I know I never knew the word existed b4 now! But nothing kills these things I've taken enough albendazole and ivermecten they the yrs even doubled the dose hoping to cure it Ben on so many Antibiotics I was even on soldyn Antibiotic as well as the Antibiotic skin cream and retinal doesn't matter the brand the product. I have a parasite that's not going to go away until its time. I can say drink more water eat healthier no Sugar if u do make sure it doesn't have Genetically-Modified-Organisms in it. Exercise sweating is the body's way of cleaning itself!

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