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Candida cured with Urine therapy
floppyduck Views: 1,111
Published: 3 years ago

Candida cured with Urine therapy

Hello everyone,

I suffered for so many years with a very heavy fungal overgrowth, About 3 or 4 years ago it was at its worst.. I was improving for a while but then went on holiday to Laos and stopped everything and just decided to give it all a break.. At the time i didnt want to deal with any more die off. On returning things started getting much worse, It was so bad i couldnt eat even an apple... I was so full of candida that if i took any antifungal, even the smallest amount, my poo would be almost all white chunks of fungus. I also coulnt eat any fat as my liver was so congested, likely full of candida, flukes and stones... My body would kind of seize up if i did.. Also if i ate any fiber I would get so much inflammation it was unbearable.. My diet was mostly just fish and salad and some sweet potatoes.

About 3 years ago i started urine therapy, at first i couldnt drink much since i was so toxic, the herx was huge, but gradually increasing it and also going on Water Fasts and juice fasts... Although, i am living in thailand and made a huge mistake of drinking a ton of and even going on juice fasts of a leafy vegetable called pak boong, or morning glory, a water plant which carries f. hepatic... I got pretty badly infected and i am just recovering from that now.. But that's another story!

So after about 1 year of urine therapy, drinking a decent amount (between a cup and half or all of my urine sometimes) I found i could eat all fruits, white rice, sugary things without any candida symptoms and health coming back.

My diet now includeds tons of fruits and a lot of fruit juice.

It seems as well, that with urine therapy, it doesnt just kill it, but seems to convert it back to its yeast form and you dont experience the heavy die off that you do when you just nuke it with antifungals. Previously when i had candida die off it was always like cottage cheese, but after starting urine therapy it would come out like mucousy strings or bigger mucousy formations.

Honestly it was miraculous... If you have stubborn candida, please consider this.. Do some research on Urine therapy, you will likely find others like me that have had miraculous results..

So just drink your pee and you can stop worrying!


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