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6 months later
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Published: 3 years ago
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6 months later


Just checking in after 6 months. M/28/190cm/82kg (Unsupervised)

I finished my 30 days Water Fasting successfully. Up until day 21 it was smooth sailing all the way, after that things got tough. The metallic taste in my mouth intensified by a lot and drinking water became an ordeal. Getting 2 liters a day was hard and most times I felt like throwing up, but it never came to that. Day 30 was by far the worst day of my life. I was in the middle of a pretty nasty detox and I should have fasted a few more days, but I was set to break it up on day 30 and honestly, mentally I couldn't take it no more. People dont actually realize how many tricks you mind can play on you once you put your body through this kinda of stuff. Throughout my fast I only drank water. No salt, no lemon or anything else. I brushed my teeth maybe 10 times a day to try and get rid of this bad taste/breath but it didnt help much. I used toothpaste.

For 30 days I didnt do anything. I became a vegetable. No social life. No going out. No exercising. Just some work from home and that was it.

I didnt do it for weight loss. I would never recommend fasting as a weight loss strategy. People say that fasting resets you eating habits, or you no longer crave certain types of food. Not the case with me. Not the case at all. Nothing got "reseted" in me. I still love me some pizza, burgers, meat, cakes and etc. So, if you ask me, this whole thing is a myth. But once again, this is just my personal experience.

I dropped from 98kg to 83kg during my fast. After 2 months I had put on 3kg; mostly water weight. And now, 6 months later, I weight 82kg. I still eat everything I want, just in smaller portions. I dont think Im going to put my weight back on.

I will try to summarize my negative experiences.

Hairloss. During the first 15 days of my fast my hair got thinner and after that it started to shed. I was shedding A LOT of hair and it stopped only 1 week ago. So basically I had to deal with hair loss for almost 6 months. Thank God it stopped, because I must have lost around 30% of my total hair. Im a guy, but I got longhair, so hairloss is a big deal to me.

Hormone Imbalance. I am 28 years old. Before fasting I had never experienced any problems in the bedroom, but after my fast... Maintaining an erection was a tough job. Lots of times I couldnt even get an erection. So I obviously went to the doctor just to find out that my testosterone took a dive and my levels are the same as a 65 years old and I am not even 30 yet. I have been taking some medication, but if my levels dont get back to normal soon, my doc said that I will have to start hormone replace therapy. And it is EXPENSIVE.

Dizziness. Dizziness everywhere. All the time. Any time I got up, I got dizzy. So annoying.

Water Fast. Last but not least, the Water Fast itself. Fasting is tough. To me it got tough after day 21. Thats when I realized that going up the stairs put a huge strain on my legs and often times I found myself running out of breath just by walking around my home. Body Odor , bad breath, fatigue, lack of energy (after day 21), hairloss and hormone imbalance. Lots of cons. I guess if I had fasted 21 days only I wouldnt have experienced these some of these things.

The good things.

Eye opener. Fasting has made me realize how much time I used to spend thinking about food, preparing food and eating. Up to a certain point my joy when eating has been cut in half. I know that the pleasure of eating something delicious is temporary and its not gonna last after Im done eating. Obviously this is something we all know, its just that this notion has become much stronger after my fast. My life has become a bit easier now that I dont focus so hard on what my next meal is going to be.

Weight loss. Although weight loss wasn't the reason for my fast, I did lose 15kg. Looking slimmer has boosted my self-esteem and made me healthier.

I guess thats pretty much it.

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